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Part 18: Bonus Material 2: Best of the Thread

Well, with the LP wrapped up and the PM sent to baldurk, I'd just like to conclude the thread with some posts from it that I'd like to be saved for posterity in the archive:

DStecks posted:

The Kins posted:

Fun trivia time: This game uses a game engine called Genesis3D. Go look up the Wikipedia article for the Genesis3D engine and check out the list of other games that use the engine. Go on, I'll wait.

Holy shit, that's amazing. Here's the list, saved for posterity:

    - Barbie Generation Girl Gotta Groove, the number-seven best-selling game for Christmas 1999 developed by Neurobatics Corporation
    - Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair developed by Dragonstone Software
    - Special Force, an anti-Israel game developed by Hezbollah
    - Ethnic Cleansing, an openly racist computer game developed and distributed by Resistance Records
    - Extreme Paintbrawl 2, a 3D first person paintball FPS developed and published by Head Games.
    - Catechumen, a Christian medieval 3D first person shooter developed and published by N'Lightning Software Development.

SelenicMartian posted:

Will the weapon dispenser angels get more fabulous as we progress?

Dachshundofdoom posted:

I have this terrible urge to try to find and buy a copy of this horrible game, all so I can post a video of it with eye-searing aftereffects and screeching dubstep.


TheMcD posted:

God damn, no wonder Solomon was this super-king - he had a rocket launcher with bouncing rockets! Clearly, God works in mysterious - but fucking awesome - ways!

LoseHound posted:

No Gravitas posted:

That sword looks like it would do well as a chicken roaster of some kind.

Just imagine some televangelist shopping network trying to sell these.

"Now, get your very own Jesuslaser Rotisserie! Use the three spits, which represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, to cook delicious meals! The power of Christ compels the meat to cook inside its own juices, making tasty meals fit enough for the King of Kings!"

"I betcha Cain would've killed for one of these babies!"

"But wait! That's not all! Order now and receive this FREE ~Juicifix~ Meat Baster! This once-in-a-lifetime offer won't have a second coming, so ORDER NOW!"

yook posted:

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the juxtaposition of the soothing angelic death hymn with the maliciously asshole level design leading up to it. It's almost as if they're intentionally pissing you off and just added the theme to rub it in.

It's also probably just because it's stock sound, but it's also just so uplifting when you'd expect the death/failure sound to be more of a downer. It's like the kind of thing a death cult would put in to psychologically prepare you for joining the meteor.

Dachshundofdoom posted:

The Romans dug too greedily and too deep, and uncovered an ancient and really goddamn irritating spawner enemy.

Glazius posted:

If the boss doesn't have a large glowing weak point saying DO NOT SHOOT in Times New Roman, I shall be very cross.