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Original Thread: Interdimensional Travel is a Bitch: Let's Play Chakan & Time Lord


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Chakan: The Forever Man

When I was a kid, I had some odd fascination with this game similar to the one I had with Kid Chameleon. Even though it was extremely hard, and I never got very far in it, I ended up renting this game multiple times just because of how cool it seemed (until I was playing it). I'm not going to lie, I honestly think this game is awful. A game being hard is no problem; I enjoy having to play a game for a long time in order to master it. For this game though, the difficulty seems to come from horrible design choices. Apparently there are a decent amount of people that do think this game is awesome, so if you fall into that camp, feel free to defend this game, but I really doubt these people actually exist.

The story to Chakan (which is in the introduction video if you don't want to read this) is that some super-badass challenges Death to a duel and wins. As a result, Chakan is granted immortality. This would be all fine and dandy, but Chakan decides being immortal sucks, and wants to be able to rest. In order to lose his immortality, he has to vanquish all evil from the realms. There was a comic book made about this game after it came out, but it looks pretty poorly drawn, and comics aren't really my thing anyways.

In this intro video, I'm going to show a little suffering to start the thread off right, but in future videos I won't be dying (or at least as much), unless I have blooper reels.


Introduction ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
Air Realm 1 ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
Fire Realm 1 ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
Water Realm 1 ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
Earth Realm 1 ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
Air Realm 2 ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
Water Realm 2 ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
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Fire Realm 2 ViddlerGoogle Vimeo
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