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Part 11: A Promise

Part 11 - A Promise

OST: Tender hearts

If so, don't fuck around with me!

Trying to separate me from my wives, why, that's the very height of atrocity!

No matter what anyone said, no matter how much money they offered me, I'd never want to part with Seira-tan! If you want her, buy her yourself!

While I internally cursed at her, Yua fell grandly on her ass without any warning. She rubbed her butt, looking a bit as if she were about to cry.

"I, I'm sorry.... I think I stepped on one of your CDs.... The case might be broken...."
"I'm truly sorry. I'll clean it up properly, so...."
"It, it's okay...."

It's okay, so hurry up and go home.... In any case, what was the "favor" she'd brought up earlier?

Though I'd told her not to, Yua began tidying up the trash and CDs scattered at her feet. Her expression was so apologetic that it made me start to feel like I was the one at fault.

As she cleaned briskly, Yua looked almost like my mother. Doing whatever the heck she wanted, without any thought for other people's extenuating circumstances.

It was the perfect example of uncalled-for meddling....

At times like this, someone in my position should probably offer Yua my help.

What kind of love comedy is this!?

I'm definitely not gonna help out, okay?

Yua's hand, which had been neurotically re-piling the mountain of magazines, stopped. Right then, her back happened to be facing me, and I couldn't really see what she was holding.


She was getting remarkably flustered. How suspicious.

Thinking about it more carefully, it was the same as if she were doing a search of my room. She might be trying to steal something.

Maybe she thought that with so many figures, I wouldn't notice one or two missing.

But you got that wrong!

See here, I know everything about my brides! I'd notice right away if even a single one vanished!

"Do, don't touch my figures."
"I, I won't. No, that's not it...."

A Burachu doujinshi.... A, an ero one....

"It, it was, um, amazing, it surprised me...."
"......Do, don't look without asking."
"Ah, I'm sorry."

Yua frantically began moving her hands again. Having managed to create just enough space to sit down, she turned back to face me.

Here it is....!

I sucked down my breath and instinctively braced myself.

"Eh? Ehhh?"
"Up till now, I've never gone into, you know, an anime shop or anything...."
"But, ah, it's rude of me to ask, isn't it. I'm sorry...."
"Since it's my fault you got hurt...."

I was in real danger here. This wasn't the kind of problem where I could answer her carelessly.

In the first place, Yua and I had similar hobbies, and she'd said she liked Seira-tan, and she'd acted really interested in what I had to say, and for an otaku like me, she was pretty easy to talk with.

Don't be poisoned by the third dimension. Think.... What on earth was Yua's goal....

"I, I'm sorry, please forget I said anything...."
"I was, um, happy that.... you told me about all kinds of things...."

Yua bowed her head to me.

Considering that most 3-D girls tend to be excessively pushy, she was showing unusual restraint.

No girl this cute, and with such a good personality, could possibly exist in reality. This was.... an act!

Watch me reject you. I'll shut you down like a man....!


When Yua raised her head, what I could see of her eyes behind her glasses looked damp.

Heeey, gi, give me a break....

I'd only ever experienced such scenes of emotional carnage in games.

I was incredibly agitated. Plus, I felt guilty. It's often said that women's tears can become weapons, but only now
did I get a sense of the truth behind those words. Honestly, I had no idea what to do.

I just got in a dither and made myself increasingly impatient.


I'll go with you, I started to say, but I couldn't go through with it.

Trapped in paranoia, I lost the ability to speak.

"You don't have to force yourself. It wouldn't be good for you to go along with my selfishness.... *sniffle*"

Her eyes had grown even wetter than before.... Droplets seemed ready to come overflowing from the corners of her eyes any moment now....

"I, I'll.... go...."
"You'll come with me?"

Helpless, I nodded.

I couldn't think of any other way to make Yua stop crying. I had the feeling that I'd strolled right into her trap, but....

Yua let out a relieved breath, took off her glasses, and wiped her tears.

She was thanking me....

It looked as though I had somehow managed to avoid making her cry for real.

I was the one who felt like I'd been saved.... Haa, how had I ended up getting so cornered?

Damn you, 3-D girl.... Lack of preparation was my greatest enemy....

"If we're going, when would be best?"

On top of that, where had her sorrowful expression gone? Now she looked thoroughly delighted.

She might've been crying crocodile tears, after all.... If so, those were some professional-level acting skills.

"The new Seira-chan figure is being released soon, isn't it?"
"Y, yeah. It'll sell out really soon.... I think."
"In that case, it seems we should go quickly...."
"How about tomorrow....?"

Tomorrow was looking to be a pretty depressing day.

But if I told Yua, "Actually, I'm not going," now that she'd gotten all excited about it, she might start crying again.... Urgh, she had me wrapped around her little finger....

"G, got it...."

I reluctantly gave my assent. Yua seemed pleased.

Making that face at me won't be enough to trick me, you know.

"What class are you in, Nishijou-kun? I'll come get you after school tomorrow."
"....Class B."
"Grade 2, Class B. Okay, please wait for me once classes are over."

Wanting Yua to leave faster, I went on bobbing my head.

Promising to hang out with a girl.... This wasn't some kind of dream or delusion, was it....?

I pinched my cheek, just in case. It hurt.

"Ah, yeah...."


OST: End

"And she even waved at me...."

My cheeks were naturally slipping into a smile, so I hastily pulled my face back into place.

"She's totally fallen for me. No question about it. Hehehe."
"Well, I get to pick whether or not to go out with her, right? I'll reject her without a moment's worth of mercy or sympathy."

Like any female could ever be finer than Seira.