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Part 53: Cut It Out

Part 53 - Cut It Out

Last time, Takumi was a failure and disappointed Shogun. Let's see what happens when Takumi doesn't do that:






I saw it--

OST: Shogun

It was as Ayase had said.

I hadn't noticed it at first, but once I changed my perspective a tiny bit, at some point, it was there....

I was fine with anything, even if it had only happened to appear like that by coincidence.

The more I thought of it as a sword, the denser it got, at last becoming veiled by a sense of reality and gaining a stronger and stronger presence in the scenery.

I could already make out its outlines clearly.

"Shogun" was quick to address me, as if he'd noticed me catching my breath.

"Then I'd like you to reach out and 'cut away' that sword."
"You don't have to think too hard about it."
"You can do it."
"Of course you can't!"

No emergency medical brigade had arrived yet. It was the same as this afternoon. Their response times were too slow. Which was only to be expected. That just showed how intense the casualties from the earthquake at noon had been.

"I can't.... cut it out...."
"Don't let yourself be imprisoned by keeping your mind closed."
"If you think from the start that it's impossible, you won't be able to do anything."
"Throw away common sense and simply see it as it is."
"You have the power to do so. The world will respond to your power."
"As it did with the flowerbed."

If it were true, there'd be nothing wrong with giving it a try....

Ayase had said my Di-Sword would bring me salvation.

Maybe those words had implicitly been referring to this very moment.

I'd go back the peaceful lifestyle I'd led up until now.

"Do you think it'll go that conveniently?"
"You think 'Shogun' will let you go just like that?"
"Come on, he's a serial killer who's murdered over ten people, you know?"

Even "Shogun" wouldn't try to make me do the impossible. I could do it. He was telling me to do it because I could....

"He only wants to kill you, Takkii."
"Have you forgotten the 'group diving' film?"
"'Shogun' made five guys and girls fall to their deaths without touching them once, remember?"

SFX: Seeing this sudden movement from the Esper Boy, the gathered crowd lets loose cries of excitement

The herd below began rumbling.

The thousands of people stuffed into the plaza paid close heed to my every gesture.

Nausea surged within me.

My heart seemed about to crumble under the pressure of being watched by such a vast number of people--

No, I mustn't be conscious of it. If I became too conscious of it, nervousness would kept me from moving so much as a finger. Now I had to focus on the sword.

Fixing my aim on the sword in my sight, I tried to grasp it by instinct alone.

But I felt nothing.

The wind mercilessly rushed at me.

Moreover, the direction of the wind was indeterminate.

As soon as I thought it was coming from in front of me, the next instant, it would push me from the side.

I was gripping the acrylic plate to hold myself up, but it was slippery, so the only thing it really helped, were my nerves.

Even so, I frantically attempted to seize the sword. But no matter how many times I tried, I didn't succeed.

Tears poured out of me again.

My field of sight went misty, and the sword-like object I had seen only faintly began to disintegrate.

I hastily wiped my tears. If I lost sight of it once, I had a feeling that I'd never find it again.

"Then all you need to do is reach further."

Shit, you have no idea what this is like for me... I bit my lip, holding back my tears, and leaned out further than ever before, my hand swimming through empty air.

But I couldn't grab onto the sword, after all.


If I fell from here....

"What's the matter? Quick, get the sword."
"If not, Nanami-chan won't return, no matter how long you wait."

I shouldn't have looked down....

My shaking wouldn't stop. My trembling made my feet seem about to slip. I was completely cowered.

"I, I can't do it.... let me go...."
"You would do well not to underestimate me."
"I have no intention of playing along with your selfishness."

"That's all there is to it."

No.... I don't wanna die....

"I don't wanna die...."

I unwillingly thrust my body through the hole again and reached out my hand.

I could still see the sword there. I tried to do it over and over, but it was still no good. It definitely seemed like I could reach it, but no matter what, I never quite got there....

"I can't, I can't reach it...."

This was impossible.... Seira-tan had been right....

There wasn't any way I could grab a half-transparent sword like that, in the first place. The law of perspective made it seem like it was an ordinary sized sword, but thinking about it more calmly, it had to be unbelievably gigantic.

It wasn't the size of something a person could hold....

"If you grasp that sword, you'll clear the quest."
"But.... I'll fall.... I can't reach it...."
"Is it okay if you don't save Nanami-chan?"
"Help me.... let me go already.... I don't wanna die...."

"Even if you fall, you won't die."
"Are you confident?"

I heard Seira-tan's teasing whisper by my ear.


OST End.
SFX: The noise from the crowd fades away.

"You've never consciously used that power before, not even once, right-o?"

Right.... For starters, even if I'd been able to use it before, I didn't know how--

"So let's run away, okay? You've done well."
"But anything more is asking too much of you."

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