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Part 86: Chapter 1 Delusion Recap

Part 86 - Chapter 1 Delusion Recap

The thread consensus is that they would like to see a summation of all the delusions missed the first time through, as well as a summary of the routes added in the NoAH release. Since I have to go through from the beginning anyway, no reason not to.

1st Delusion Trigger:

After talking about his tastes with Hazuki Grim, getting a bad drawing of an upcoming murder from Grim, then getting a realistic depiction of that same murder from Shogun (as well as a quick quote of "whose eyes are those eyes"), Takumi heads to school in the morning. After being talked at by Misumi, about things Takumi has no interest in, Takumi has the opportunity to tune out and have a delusion. The thread picked Negative.

In the Negative Delusion, Takumi sees a short vision involving a guro dead cat in an alley, followed by a sound coming after him (which, in hindsight, sounded like stakes being hammered in). When the delusion ends, Takumi critiques it for having too much guro and creepiness.

In the Positive Delusion, Takumi still has sees the alley, but this time he hears someone dragging something in the distance:

When Takumi heads deeper to see what's going on, Rimi's voice warns him against doing so as something grabs his arm from behind:

Takumi spins around, but the withered arm is replaced by a female Suimei student he doesn't recognize:

When the delusion ends, Takumi critiques it for being too creepy, but he wouldn't mind if the girl became a recurring feature in other delusions. This is the potential unlock point for Rimi's Route.

In the Neutral Option, Takumi doesn't start daydreaming and notices something was written on the blackboard:

Takumi has no idea who put it there, is too timid to ask anyone about it, and ultimately convinces himself it was just a disturbing coincidence:

This is the first Ending B Trigger, as well as the potential unlock point for the Yua Route in NoAH (more on that in the Yua Route post).

2nd Delusion Trigger:

After coming across the Staking Murder, Takumi is indulging in an ESO marathon session to take his mind off it when Nanami shows up to amke sure he's still alive. After making fully justified complaints about his lifestyle and the cleanliness of his house, Nanami takes a bottle of Coke and prepares to drink it. The thread, leery about Takumi's interesting choice of words regarding his sister and eager to avoid anything that may result in incest, chose the Neutral Option where nothing happens. Considering the other options available here, that was not entirely unjustified.

In the Positive Delusion, Nanami confirms that she is romantically interested in Takumi:

As Nanami declares that she's tired of waiting and moves in for a kiss, the delusion ends. The following is Takumi's reaction:

This is the unlock point for the Nanami Route in NoAH.

In the Negative Delusion, Nanami suffers a horrible price for stealing Takumi's Coke (that he had poisoned beforehand):

In the end, Takumi feels pretty bad about that one. He may dislike her, but she doesn't deserve that. Next time, he'll try and stick to slapstick violence.

3rd Delusion Trigger:

After spending the better half of a day being stalked, even in the net cafe, Takumi and his stalker (Yua) are on opposite sides of a busy crosswalk. The thread chose Positive.

The Positive Delusion has Yua walk up to Takumi and reveal that she was actually after him because he dropped his school ID some time ago and she was just working up the courage to speak with him. Also, she likes Takumi and was wondering whether he'd like to go on a date?

The Negative Delusion has her show her true colours as an accomplice to the New-Gen Murders:

Yua proceeds to take a stake and cross the busy crosswalk to finish Takumi off, when an unexpected, yet predictable, saviour arrives:

The Neutral Option has Yua say something while they're both staring at each other. Takumi can't hear her due to the distance and traffic, but he can read her lips enough to make out the words "whose eyes are those eyes?"

All options end with Takumi getting creeped out by the situation and trying to run away, only to sprain his ankle.

4th Delusion Trigger:

After meeting Yua, and being taken back to his house, Yua and Takumi are making small talk when Yua asks if Takumi can do her a favour. The thread chose Neutral, in which Takumi thinks she's going to ask to borrow his CD's.

In the Positive Delusion, Yua reveals that she has loved Takumi for a long time, and has come prepared with a swimsuit to ensure he'll reciprocate:

In the Negative Delusion, Yua reveals that she has loved Takumi for a long time, and has come prepared to ensure he'll be hers forever, starting with his eyes and his fingers:

All options end the same way, with Yua tripping on something and helping Takumi to clean up, with Yua getting a promise to help her pre-order the new Seira model (and pocketing the stake she found under his bed).

5th Delusion Trigger:

After having a couple of conversations, and with some encouragement from Grim, Takumi is actually feeling optimistic that maybe his new-found friendship with Yua could become something more. They've just sat down on a bench in the park, when Takumi notices that something feels off about the three Gero-Froggies on Yua's bag. He can't help but feel he's seen them before. The thread chose Positive here.

The Positive Option has Takumi shrugging the whole thing off as Deja vu, only for Yua to get nervous from him noticing the Froggies and end up revealing herself as a stalker and amateur detective by knocking over her bag and reveling it's contents.

The Negative Option has Takumi remember that he saw them in the net cafe, and realize that Yua was stalking him for longer than she admitted to.

Yua attempts to distract Takumi, but ends up knocking her bag over and revealing her lies.

The Neutral Option has Takumi attempt to figure out where he saw them by getting closer look, only for Yua to slap him.

Unfortunately, her motion in slapping Takumi manages to knock over the bag, and Takumi learns the truth.

All options end with Yua revealing everything her investigations have uncovered, and accusing Nishijou Takumi of being Shogun. I'd give her a 7/10 for that conclusion.

The Yua Route Post will be up later today.