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Part 91: Chapter 3 Delusion Recap

Part 91 - Chapter 3 Delusion Recap

10th Delusion Trigger:

After spending some time in the Net Cafe, Takumi leaves and heads back home when he see a strange girl walking around Shibuya with a giant sword in her hands. After admiring her courage, said girl (Sena) notices that he was staring and comes toward him. The thread chose Neutral here.

In the Negative Delusion, Sena asks if Takumi can see her. After confirming he can, she reveals that she is a ghost who's been wandering this area for years, looking for someone who can see her. Now that she's found one, Sena will reward Takumi by relieving him of his body:

In the Positive Delusion, Sena asks if Takumi was looking at her underwear. Not believing Takumi despite his earnest denials, she proceeds to 'punish' him by stepping on him:

In the Neutral Option, Sena merely asks if Takumi can see her Di-Sword. This is the unlock point for Sena's Route.

11th Delusion Trigger:

After coming to school the next day, Takumi learns from Misumi that FES is named Ayase, and that she's a student at their school. Takumi then meets Ayase in the hallway (alongside Misumi), and Ayase seems to want to say something to Takumi. The thread chose Positive here.

In the Positive Delusion, Ayase says that it's become clear that Takumi is her destined soulmate and proposes to him on the spot. After some initial surprise, Takumi accepts, to wild applause from the onlookers.

In the Negative Delusion, Ayase tells Takumi it's best if he disassociates with Misumi. Offended, Misumi keeps badgering Ayase, but it doesn't go well for him:

In the Neutral Option, Ayase tells Takumi to find his Di-Sword, and that it's his only hope for salvation.

12th Delusion Trigger:

After being interrogated by Ban and Suwa, Takumi arrives home and starts reviewing different types of Seira figures. Takumi start's to feel a sensation that he's being watched, and starts practicing his lines. Neutral was chosen here.

In the Neutral Option, Takumi hears a knocking at the door, and, in his attempts to stealthily lock it, accidentally informs the stranger of his presence. Said stranger opens the door, revealing that she is the Demon Girl (i.e. Rimi) and comes inside. Hilarity ensues.

In the Positive/Negative Options (both are very similar, with only slight differences), Takumi hears a female voice react to his words. When he turns around, the Demon Girl is already inside, sitting on his couch. Hilarity ensues:

13th Delusion Trigger:

In school the following day, Kozue is introduced to the class, Rimi reveals that she's always been Takumi's classmate, and Takumi gets a call to his phone. He heads to the roof to see what the recording they left was, and ponders who might want to call him. The thread chose Negative here.

In the Negative Delusion, the call was from Yua, who just wants to tell him that she got the figurine they ordered, that it really is as quality as he said it would be, even if it is a little ecchi. Also, that he's a split-personality freak, Yua won't stop hounding him and he won't escape. Whose eyes are those eyes? This is the fourth Ending B trigger.

In the Positive Delusion, the call was from a generic tsundere schoolgirl (voiced by Asami Imai, the seiyuu for Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate):

In the Neutral Option, Takumi thinks about all the potential options, but ultimately decides it doesn't matter and plays the message.

The 14th Delusion Trigger:

After discussing the Let Me Pass prank (which was actually audio of Noah II starting up) with Grim, Takumi heads out on a late night shopping trip for food and supplies. Upon arriving at a nearby convenience store, Takumi picks out his groceries and waits for the clerk to come out. But no one is there. The thread picked Negative here.

In the Negative delusion, Takumi finds himself caught in a hostage situation, surrounded by armed police who intend to storm the shop and kill the hostage taker. It is only the second before they open fire that Takumi realizes he is the criminal.

In the Positive Delusion, Takumi gets fed up with waiting and attempts to leave without paying, only for the clerk to catch him. Getting fed up with the clerks snide manner, Takumi socks him in the face, cowing the clerk enough to allow Takumi to leave with his goods (and a little extra for his troubles):

In the Neutral Option, Takumi waits. But no one is there. He waits a little more. But no one is there. He makes noise to draw the clerk out. But no one is there. He motions as if he intends to shoplift in front of the cameras. But no one is there. Takumi puts his goods back where he found them and leaves, thoroughly creeped out.