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Part 92: Sena Route Summary

Part 92 - Sena Route Summary

I'm running out of appropriate videos, and I'd rather have one for the last route. So instead, I'm posting a short story with Sena as the main character, guest starring a certain Insane Mad Scientist.
E* P** K******.

Sena's route is unlocked by not picking any delusions during Takumi's first proper encounter with her in Chapter 3.

The first extra scene is triggered after Sena and Takumi have their talk in the empty streetcar. Sena flashes back to six years before the game, when her father came home from work brimming with excitement. He was just going home from work via the subway, after another long day of banging his head against the Ir2 formula, when he came across a number of essays from schoolchildren, displayed in the station as part of a contest. He'd picked one at random for no particular reason, and found the answer to his problem scribbled on the back! An incredible coincidence, almost as if he were divinely guided in that moment! The essay was titled 'Whose eyes are those eyes?'

The plot diverges after Takumi learns about the DQN Puzzle murders. With Rimi having gone missing, he decides that Sena is the only person he could rely on (due to the other possibilities being too crazy to be reliable). He makes his way to the streetcar again and meets Sena there, explaining the situation and asking for her protection. She agrees suspiciously quickly.

Sena quickly binds Takumi with chains and drags him with her to conduct a frontal assault on NOZOMI. Sena believes that Shogun is a high-up at NOZOMI, and therefore that Takumi would be a good decoy to drag him into the open. In exchange for his help in this, Sena will protect him.

Entering the NOZOMI headquarters, Sena uses her powers to convince everyone she and Takumi are employees and enters the emergency stairs. At that point, she release Takumi, since he's already committed.

While making their way upstairs, the two hear a strange noise, the sound of Noah II. Before Sena can warn Takumi, he sees a vision of Nanami bound on a cross and missing her hand. Becoming convinced that Nanami is being held in the office they are heading towards, Takumi heedlessly rushes there, closely followed by Sena trying to stop him.

After both enter their destination, the doors lock behind them. This was a trap. The room is the meeting room where Norose met the traitorous members of the Committee, Inohana Kouzou and Yuudai Kuramochi. The two Committee members appear on the screens above Takumi and Sena, informing them that they will be trapped in this room for a week, after which they will taken out and tortured/experimented on. The sound of Noah II returns, and Sena finds that her Gigalomaniac powers are nonfunctional.

28 hours pass. Between the lack of food and water, and the constant noise of Noah II, Takumi and Sena have nearly reached their limit. There is a computer in the room with them, but it is only capable of receiving information and not transmitting. All they can do is watch the news. Just as Takumi is reading articles about a sudden outbreak of rioting at the scramble crossing, the Third Melt hits Shibuya. Just as one of the monitors is about to fall on Sena, Takumi manages to teleport over to her and pull her out of the way, before falling unconscious.

When Takumi wakes up, he and Sena are trapped together in a pile of rubble. He becomes increasingly nervous about how close Sena is, but can't move any further without risking a collapse.

Eventually, they hear the sound of digging, and two men talking. Takumi is thankful for the rescue, but Sena is not so enthusiastic. She recognizes one of the men as her father. Eventually, Hatano manages to remove the rubble and free them. It turns out he is the only person in the building, the other voice being a remote transmission from Yuudai.

Yuudai attempts to convince Hatano to come back and follow the Church again, but Hatano is having none of it. Yuudai starts gloating about how the plan will soon be finished, with or without his help. Then Yuudai gets shot. After more shooting and screams, the line is cut.

While Sena gets into a one sided argument with her father, Takumi notices a chat screen on one of the monitors. It asks Takumi, specifically, whether he can see it and upon getting an answer, the person on the other side introduces themselves as a member of the Committee of 300.

The sender claims the Committee is an existence separate from the world, controlling it and capable of extraordinary feats. Sena is suspicious, but Takumi is optimistic. Isn't what the sender is saying a bit like how the game master of an MMO is like?

The sender confirms Takumi's hypothesis, saying they have a role similar to that. Further, they can offer Takumi 'cheat codes' so that he can remake himself into a better person, if he can get rid of an error (i.e. Noah II) for them. Sena wants nothing to do with the Committee, until they claim that with these cheats, it would even be possible to bring Sena's mother and sister back from the dead. Sena, unable to ignore the possibility, leaves with Takumi for the nearest train station to find these codes.

Hatano stays behind to ask a few questions. Over the course of their conversation, the Committee reveals that they have already executed the traitors, they want Noah II gone because it interferes with their plan and they chose Sena and Takumi because they were the easiest Gigalomaniacs to contact. Also, to preserve the secrecy of the Committee, all three of them will have to be killed. Before Hatano can even move to try and warn his daughter, the building collapses.

Meanwhile, Takumi and Sena have made it to the designated staion and prepare to open the designated locker. What they find is not what was expected:

It's a baby. A seemingly real, crying baby. Desperately trying to figure out the meaning behind this, Takumi comes to the conclusion that the 'cheat codes' are inside the baby, and demands that Sena extract them. Sena is unwilling to kill the baby. It turns out that Suwa is, silencing the baby with an expertly aimed shot.

Suwa has come to eliminate Takumi and Sena. He won't allow anyone to interfere with Noah now. While Sena is still shocked by the baby's death, Suwa lines up a shot on her. Takumi dives in the way, believing that he has invulnerability. He does not. Takumi is shot multiple times. Just as Suwa is about to finish him off, Rimi appears out of nowhere and cuts off his gun hand. Rimi yells at Takumi and Sena to go ahead while she handles Suwa.

With Sena having dragged the dead baby with them all the way to the planetarium where Noah II is kept, Takumi has had enough. He snatches it out of her arms and is about to smash it against the ground when he sees his Di-Sword lying on the ground nearby. Convinced that the cheats are finally working, Takumi heals himself (though he's only tricking himself into thinking he's healed) and prepares to destroy Noah II. However, his first swing is deflected by the defense systems and Takumi is riddled with bullets.

With their leaders dead, the remnants of the Church of the Divine Light have armed themselves and are prepared to defend Noah II to the death. Surrounded, with no escape and their target in front of them, Sena decides that she won't let anyone else die in front of her. She stands at his back, using herself as a shield, grabs hold of his Di-Sword alongside him, and together they unleash a wave of destruction that destroys not just Noah II, but the entire building.

The final part of this route consists of a phonecall between Momose and an unnamed party. The following is a translated transcript of the conversation (we only hear Momo's side):


The Errors have all been resolved. I can also confirm the elimination of Noah II and Norose Genichi.
We have also captured the Original Nishijou Takumi, alive. Well… he seems weak enough to die any second.
The Copy, along with Hatano Sena, completed their mission according to plan… after which both…
We will continue to investigate further, but at this time we believe neither Hatano Sena nor Nishijou Takumi produced any more Errors.
Isn’t that fine? I have less to handle now that this is over.
Oh, that reminds me; those members of the Church of Divine Light who were loitering around were also disposed of.
Sakihata Rimi seems to have fled but I doubt she would return to become a threat.
The Humanity Cultivation Project probably needs some revisions before progressing.
At least the errors can help us refine the details and help with future decisions.
I see no serious disadvantages to the Committee of 300 from the events that transpired.
Yes, understood. The Debugger mission is hereby complete.
Returning to Observer mode.

As Momose turns to leave, she notices that the baby is alive again. It seems Takumi and Sena used the last of their power to resurrect it. Momose leaves it behind, saying that she's not good with kids.