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Part 94: Chapter 5 Delusion Recap

Part 94 - Chapter 5 Delusion Recap

20th Delusion Trigger:

After the release of the Group Diving video the other day, Takumi has spent his time in school thinking about that, as well as the threat Shogun poses, whether Rimi can be trusted and comes up with an idea on turning delusions into reality. The thread chose Positive here.

In the Positive Option, Takumi is on his way out when he bumps into a student (whom he does not see the face of), who drops their handbook. Upon checking to see who it was and try to return it, Takumi notices the personal details are scratched out and the words 'Whose eyes are those eyes' are scrawled there. Takumi flees the school in a state of paranoia. This is the fifth B Ending Trigger.

In the Negative Option, Takumi is leaving school when he hears the sound of a wheelchair (on the second floor of a school that does not appear to be wheelchair-friendly). Upon checking his surroundings, he sees an empty wheelchair cut across the corridor in front of him (and then fall down the stairs). Takumi flees the school in a state of paranoia.

In the Neutral Option, as Takumi is preparing to leave the classroom, he sees Yua watching him from one of the exits. Takumi screams and flees the school before Yua can do something else to him.

21st Delusion Trigger:

Takumi, having come to believe that Rimi is his friend and confiding some of his troubles to her, has taken her to a CD shop to get her a CD. Upon learning that the shop has run out of FES CD's, and that Takumi has one, Rimi offers Takumi a nonspecific favour. The thread chose Neutral, where Rimi has no idea what she could do and Takumi just offers to show it to her.

In the Negative Delusion, Rimi offers to smash the CD, as her research shows that FES has placed a curse on her records, and only those who own her CD's have been the victims of the New-Gen Murders.

In the Positive Delusion, Rimi offers to let Takumi do 'whatever he wants'. She punctuates that offer by taking him to a lonely corner, making him sit down and unbuttoning his blazer. The delusion ends after that.

22nd Delusion Trigger:

After taking Rimi back to his house to listen to FES, Takumi has gone back to researching about Visual Rebuilding, and has come up with an idea about how to use the 'Di-Sword' he has lying nearby. The thread chose Positive here.

In the Positive/Negative delusions, Takumi takes up his 'Di-Sword' (with greater or lesser enthusiasm/cynicism depending on which delusion was chosen) and attempts to manifest his power. This process is interrupted by Rimi, who gravely informs him to stop it and throw the sword away, before laughing it off as being childish for Takumi's age.

In the Neutral Option, Takumi has only just taken up his Di-Sword before he gets self-conscious about how he's waving a toy sword around in front of Rimi. Fortunately, she seems to find it endearing instead of weird.

23rd Delusion Trigger:

After the Di-Sword embarrassment is sorted out, Rimi asks where Takumi heard about it from. After Takumi explains that he's met girls who have real Di-Swords, Rimi asks if one of them is his girlfriend, expressing relief after her denies it. Takumi starts worrying about if she's trying to flirt with him. The thread chose Negative here.

In the Negative Option, when Takumi turns back to Rimi, she's somehow changed into different clothes, reminiscent of the cover illustration of a famous moe eroge. When Rimi leaves to get more Coke, she briefly returns to get her wallet, but in that short span of time she's somehow changed back to her school uniform.

In the Positive Delusion, when Takumi turns back Rimi has an unbuttoned shirt and foregone her skirt. After a brief delusion where Rimi goes to get Coke in her state of undress, Takumi comes back to reality, with Rimi (in her school uniform) leaving to get Coke.

In the Neutral Option, Rimi and Takumi have a short conversation where Rimi asks about Takumi's future and advises Takumi not to try so hard.

24th Delusion Trigger:

After a couple of brief, odd encounters with Kozue in school, Takumi comes across her near the shoe lockers and thinks about hoe she seems alright, but doesn't seem to have any friends. The thread chose Negative here.

In the Negative Delusion, Rimi puts her hands over his eyes for a game of 'Who's there?' Initially playing along, Takumi is startled when he hears Shogun's wheelchair, and then hears Shogun himself say "Whose eyes are those eyes?" When Takumi looks around, he cannot see Shogun or any wheelchairs. The is the 6th B Ending Trigger.

In the Positive Delusion, Rimi does the 'Who's there?' game. Takumi guesses correctly (not that it was difficult), and is shocked to discover that this isn't just a cliche-ridden delusion he's having, it actually happened. This is the unlock point for Kozue's Route.

In the Neutral Option, there is no game. Rimi and Takumi greet each other and leave.