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Original Thread: Get your ass to Mars! Let's Play Chaser [VLP]



Not many people played this game, and many of those who did try it didn't play it for long.
This is not a good game. This is Chaser, and I love it.

You are John Chaser, or so people tell you. You awaken on a space station, orbiting Earth, with no memory and running for your life.

Released in 2003, this game is about as end-of-the-road as the FPS genre got before the console platforms forced developers to innovate in new directions.
Health is a pickup, the AI relies on accuracy rather than wit, levels are large and unwieldy, getting lost is common, dying is frequent, and the main character is an idiot.

They don't make games like they used to, and this game shows you why.

Developed by Cauldron, a game developer from Slovakia, this is the little company that almost could, but never did.
You may recognise them more by their infamy, the developers of Soldier of Fortune: Payback, regarded as an astonishingly terrible game, and the recent Jurassic: The Hunted and Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010.

What will the final death count be?
Closest number to the final count wins!
Competition entry has closed, winner was  PureRok, closest to the target of 440, with an answer of 438 .


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