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Original Thread: Decadent Distractions Delivered Digitally: Let's Play Downloadable Games



Hey, you got your tetris in my dynamically generated music! Let's play Chime.

What the fuck is Chime?
Chime is a puzzle game that takes the concept behind Audiosurf and Beat Hazard but puts it in reverse. Instead of the song controlling the game; here, the game controls the song. I picked it up as part of that steam treasure hunt sale over the holidays, and I've been in love with it ever since.

It's not just exclusive to steam though. There's an XBLA version, and there's a newer version coming out for PSN on March 29th now called Chime SuperDeluxe which will have more songs and multiplayer .

If you have a PS3, I suggest waiting for that because Chime Multiplayer would be sweet as hell, but if not, spend the five bucks on steam or whatever five bucks translates to in MS Points on Xbox Live, and enjoy yourself.

How are you gonna be handling this LP?
Subtitles, mostly, since this is a music game. I'll do a run of each song on 3 minute mode, because let's be honest we don't need to see me play "Still Alive" for nine minutes straight. For the most part you can just enjoy the music.

Alright I've got nothing better to do, show me what you got
Can do.

Level 1: "Brazil" by Philip GlassYoutubeVeoh
Level 2: "For Silence" by Paul HartnollYoutubeVeoh
Level 3: "Oh Yeah" by MobyYoutubeVeoh
Level 4: "Spilled Cranberries" by Markus SchulzYoutubeVeoh
Level 5: "Disco Ghosts" by Lemon JellyYoutubeVeoh
Level 6: Steam Version Exclusive Song "Still Alive" by Jonathan CoultonYoutubeVeoh

That's a wrap. All six levels.
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