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Part 17: 1929-1933:March of Progress

1929-1933: March of progress
Locomotion Soundtrack - Long Dusty Road

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There are two main industries left in our chosen area. The first is this steel mill between Papatoetoe and Mangere. To access it this ugly platform is built. Iron ore is trained here from Port Waikato, requiring no changes at the other end of the railway.

The train between Ardmore and Ihumatao recieves it's proper name.

The final industry in South Auckland is the Printing works near Papakura. Our current source of paper is the mill near Henderson, which has been largely neglected, along with the rails north of Auckland. We convert the station into a unidirectional roll /roll out. While we are doing it we also get colourlight signals. They work the same as the semaphore signals.

With all our industries connected, we begin to upgrade our trains from the aging SLM 5/6s, most go to the Gresley A3s, except for in a couple of our smallest stations.

And of course there are always the inevitable traffic jams to deal with. Replacing the old locomotives helps lessen the amount of trains breaking down in the middle of junctions and therefore reduces congestion.

Steel mill production at Glenbrook is slowly rising as more services are added and the trains are modernised.

Another important leap forward is the arrival of new trucks in 1935. They are more powerful and take 6t of grain each instead of four. Replacement is quick and easy as we just stop them as they leave the unloading dock.

We should see this graph rise as the new trucks do their thing.

You can see here that the new trucks have an effect, as Truck income in 1933 exceeds expense for the first time.

The modernised fleet. We also get some Tante Jus (Ju-52 Passenger planes) to replace our Fokker Mk 7s, which have done good service, but obsoleted rapidly.

And now it's time for the News!

Stats are similar for other load types. Note the lack of a mail truck! Mail never seems to catch a break for some reason.

By this stage of the game, Industries without transport links start to close down.

The depression continues to blow down amongst the countryside.

The Ju-52 becomes the mainstay of the Maritime division's air fleet.

Unfortunately, Burgundy is the first to actually get the Ju-52 in service.

Worse in every respect to the Ju-52, it was perhaps a mistake to include the Trimotor. It is the default game's Ju-52 counterpart in the American set.

This new engine is slightly less powerful but lighter than the A3. It's about 5% cheaper to run, as well.