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Part 19: 1933-1940: Steam Based Bovine Perambulation

1933-1940: Steam Based Bovine Perambulation
Locomotion Soundtrack - Setting Off
The jazz is slowly getting smoother and more urbane.

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We start out with some ideas to make the islands polluted hellholes more interesting.

Someone was in a very descriptive mood when they made up these names

And someone was very blunt when it came to buses

A new air route inaugurates between Waiheke Island and the Northern town of Dairy Flat. The Airport at Oneroa connects with the ferry services.

At Hunua, our smallest starting town, a short line to Paparimu is created. It's futureproofed, aside from certain holdouts...

The Awhitu peninsula forms the southern entrance to the Maukau harbour (The peninsula that forms the bottom part of the map, for those who haven't been doing their New Zealand geography homework). As of 1940, it contains 3,456 people, compared to 2502 in the real 2013 census. It hasn't much been affected by the transit sprawl, it contains several farms all producing livestock and has linear open space, making it an ideal candidate for our next railroad.

As we dig into it, we are interupted by a need to extend our southern terminus a couple of miles due to a mine closure.

Back on the Awhitu line, Yours truly bodges up this railway spiral because I just can't bear to smash down houses wantonly. It's my weakness as a player.

The Awhitu trains will deposit here, at East Tamaki in south Auckland. The trains will probably get confused by the route describing a giant U, but most of the other food plants are in the northern half of the map.

While finishing the route, we eliminate one of the few remaing bottlenecks on the main line. Cheaping out at the start can have long repercussions if you aren't careful.

Texas carries Livestock and Passengers! Well, those passengers who don't mind sitting in front of 100 nervous cows...

Bless you :3

The main part of the new line.

A new model of bus washes up at Great Barrier Island, replacing the oldest machine.

As 1940 dawns, improved communication links are vital, so we sell our Tante Ju's and last Fokker VII for DC-3s and extend all our runways. Even Whenuapai gets a medium airport despite being bounded by city and train viaducts.

And now it's time for the News!

Paparimu has lost it's forest and farm. The depression has hit it hard.

Meanwhile, Auckland CBD has been slowly recovering from the smashing it recieved at the hands of Ms Eggburt.

1935 is a big year for salesmen, with many shiny new toys. The mail truck turns up, five years after the others.

One of the few mines left in real life closes down.

This mine is about a mile from the Huntly fields that closed down. The game does this sometimes when clusters of industry exist. It closes an industry, decides to use the open slot to build another of the same type, then places it in the same cluster.

1936 has more shiny toys. Buses finally become competitive with trams.

We end the update with a long anticipated tram upgrade, Diesels make their first appearances in the switching yards, and equally important, a new kind of wagon for iron and coal means that lets us carry more payload for the same size train. (And is faster!)