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Part 26: 1946-1950: Postwar Blues

1946-1950: Postwar Blues
Locomotion Soundtrack - A Traveller's Serenade/Locomotion Soundtrack - Latino Trip
Running out of time to do some of these so you get a double A-side today.

Click here to name a vehicle!

The last of the 1917 goals was to connect all the freight sources on the map. Between Scrooge and Burgundy, we've covered a lot. But with 4 years left, there's still a lot to go!

We put all that unused track up North into use. The trains will travel to Glenbrook Steel mill.

Papakura's rating is still rock bottom. A truck waiting to transport goods from the printing works might help boost ratings.

The easiest and quickest way to connect these to farms might be a truck line. We give it a go.

Arrgh! Burgundy!

Luckily one dirty trick from the old games remains!

But now they've wasted a year, and uglied up the whole lot. It was going to be beautiful in it's simplicity!

And now it's time for the News!

Strange for burgundy to get this record, considering she's still using the venerable Ju-52.

Also Mail and Goods.

Farm 3 was an unserviced farm located outside Karaka.

The peak of steam engine technology? Makes an interesting comparison to the RS-2.

Air travel is becoming more comfortable and commonplace.

All freight by 1950:

Ah well. And now our network's in such a state that I have to spend 6 years replacing and re-scheduling trains and at 1956, half our trains are still getting lost. I feel like British Rail.