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Part 27: 1950-1956: Nothing much happens

1950-1956: Nothing Much Happens
Locomotion Soundtrack - Hop To The Bop

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Thanks to the push for new freight lines, the rest of the company vehicles have suffered from decades of neglect. I spend most of these five years fixing and maintaining. The oldest vehicle I replace is a tram from 1933. Rather annoying at a time when there is so many interesting new vehicles, but even after this there are still a lot of vehicles that aren't running optimally. Our trains especially need checking. In many places, the rails have been moved but the waypoints remain, causing a constant search for a route to an impossible to reach point. Many Junctions have been added, and older trains without instructions try to beeline to their destination, taking the wrong turnings. I also find that trains don't seem to register waypoints on level crossings . While I'm doing this, there is a transport revolution:

I have absolutely no idea what caused this crash, I was working on a completely different part of the line. I can only presume it was a months delayed result of clearing a snarl on one of the nearby junctions.

Upgrading the air sector with Viscounts and later the new Comet jetliners snatches back the record from Eggburt's Ju-52.

Maintenance makes a big difference.

Burgundy abandons the tuakau route and I can clean up the dribbled in infrastructure. I also replace level crossings with a couple of bridges for the grain highway on the other side of Tuakau.

And then a couple of years later the farm closes.

Vehicle roster, 1956: