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Part 31: 1964-1967: Hardly a Rail In Sight

A short and sweet update is all I've got time for at the moment, enjoy.

1964-1967: Hardly a Rail in Sight
Locomotion Soundtrack - Steamin' Down Town
A jaunty number that accompanies the sixties.

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We Build a quick and efficient truck circuit in Mangatangi. I quickly exhaust the stock of Truck names and keep buying them until I can't think of any more names off the top of my head.

I decide to build a food plant on Great Barrier, as a brewery would be limited to the few grain farms near the gulf. It's well within our coffers, so the other ideas you suggested may eventually show up as well. I like the way $3 million drifts away in the same way as a $10 bus stop.

Our first Target is Orewa Farm, with a convenient stream valley suitable for enlarging.

Scrooge is definitely going to have to get over his phobia of embankments here because it's impossible to create canals with only single level elevation changes. (I've been playing by this rule the whole time and by god it can be a pain in the arse.)

Three boats should keep the farmers happy. Each boat has a capacity of 200t.

Casting round for more business, Scrooge finds the Onetangi Farm. But going round the outside would take too long...

So the Navvies are called in again.

What, you mean you've never bifurcated an island before?!

We quickly exhaust the supply of ship names too.

And since we went to the trouble of digging the canal, it's logical that we service Ponui Island Farm too. My Dad bought sheep from Ponui Island once. He had to drive out to meet the barge and help herd them off. Well I guess that's my most New Zealand story ever.

With all these new ships, the sea lanes start to look rather crowded.

One of the towns on Great Barrier is just big enough for significant food shipments, so we truck some of the newly processed food to them. Including the debut of the mighty FORD TRANSIT VAN MK I!

And now it's time for the News!

This should help increase the efficiency of the southern part of the rail system.

The other varieties of Transit Van.

Burgundy somehow even had the water speed record! We put that right.

A classic rig becomes available.