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Part 38: 1985-1992: From the South of the South to the North of the North

1985-1990: From the South of the South to the North of the North
Locomotion Soundtrack - Bright Expectations

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Looking for ways to extend our railway north, this lumber camp is the logical place to go to.

The new line includes our first stretch of coastal railway.

The station at Henderson gets upgraded too.

Auckland is a busy place these days!

We throw off a little branch to grab from a nearby vineyard, Henderson is the destination for this as well, making it quite the hub!

Over at Bombay, we still have an oversupply of trucks, so I shift some more to service the other side of town. In the meantime, Bombay has urbanized so much that the grain depot there has started accepting food - this is good because I can change some grain trucks over to general food trucks and set them to haul from the Tuakau food plant up to Bombay Juntion. Soon we have a route that hauls both ways and the queues are no more

On the other side of town, lost trucks are still a problem, so I put another bridge across the Waikato to help them find their way back. We have 51 trucks now vs 29 Trains. I never expected that trucks would outnumber trains.

Another upgrade cycle (this one only minor, for once not everything is worn out!) and five years have passed! I don't know why, but the later the date, the longer it seems to take to do things.

And now it's time for the News!

Not much in the way of news, both of these are improvements rather than worldbeaters.