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Part 40: 1992-1997: Cruising Speed to the New Millenium

1992-1997: Cruising Speed to the New Millenium
Locomotion Soundtrack - Running On Time

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We're on the final straight now, and things are settling down. The map is so crowded now that it's almost impossible to connect the few industries remaining. I wish I have more to report.

The factory in Otaua gets a supply of steel from the nearby mill. This is handy because a small train here keeps the steel rating up while the main steel delivery (to Manukau City) can get a longer train.

A couple of new hovercraft take up a new route from Kawakawa Bay to Waiheke Island.

Another pair of branches picks up wheat and supplies it to the Jolly Farmer's house brew in Drury.

A brace of new locomotives promises increaed power and reliability.

This plant won't ever make back it's costs, but have you seen how much money we've got? It doesn't even phase me.

The vinyard on Waiheke isn't even big enough to support two ships really.

Meanwhile, an extension to the recent Kawakawa bay branch is going in. Unfortunately there's barely a square foot of flat land between the farm and the forest.

In the middle of that, one of our busiest delivery plants closes down. Replacing this is a no-brainer - but not right now!

We wait a year or two for the opposition to clear off. We lose money on a dozen trains during that time, but by this stage, Scrooge is too busy receiving gold sponge-baths from hot nurses to worry the small things.

Now this is unfortunate. We can't replace it and I am forced to scrap five ships - the first vehicles in the game to be truly lost.

The extention is complete and we buy some of the latest and greatest to haul lumber. Oddly, the most logical place to haul to is Henderson, on the other side of Auckland city. To do otherwise would mean tearing enormous holes through a series of huge cities.

While we're fiddling around at East Tamaki, seperate the station exit and the southbound mainline to make the local junction even more complicated. Not pictured - me failing to update waypoints, scattering trains to the four corners of the map.

Eggburt must be trying out the new high speed train.

This is one of the first production increases we've seen on this map. In spite of delivering three quarters of the way across the map, the service here is very reliable.

So now is the time for any final requests. In the next update I'll review the old challenges and try fulfill them all, especially the ones relating to cross-map passenger services, I'll play on a few years into the new millennium and then we shall call it a day.