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Part 41: North America 3: 1941-1947

Galaga Galaxian posted:

I just learned what a "Foamer" is.

Hey - At least he's got passion!

North America 3 1941-1947

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Ok. I managed to get Baton Rouge to increase from 2000t/m, but about a month after it cut production 3 times in rapid succession and closed down! It peaked at 3000t/month, but I'm not sure if it even reached peak production. Then I found that I hadn't recorded the session :smack:. So here's the second try.

TIme to adjust everything again!

One easy ajustment is to remove a couple of entrances to a station, it makes sure that only a couple of trains load up at once. When times are better, it only takes a couple of seconds to connect them back up.

I sell 4-5 tank cars from all the short haulers.

Adjustments made, I'm filling in some time by building some sweet bridges from a coal mine near Cincinatti to Detroit, when production is back up.

Now it's necessary to buy all those tank cars again! The station exit at Montgomery gets an upgrade so trains clear the station before causing a traffic jam.

I must be on the borderline for efficiently haulling 2000t/month.

Things are once again looking busy.

Damnit! I guess this well is just fated to close down in 1947. Since more than 30 of my 48 trains serve the well, there's not really much point in going on. Annoying, I think we could have got up to the next tier or two between squeezing in another line and arrival of diesels and larger tanker cars in the early 1950s.

It's a real pity, I was really proud of the secondary goods network I built up, it worked really well delivering goods right to the tip of Florida. I don't think I've ever made one so effective, and I was laying the foundations to create a similar one to cover New England in spare moments.

The two Behemoths are the towns most affected by our activities.

The roster.

Unfortunatly, I'm afraid I couldn't get the finances from 1925 due to the points that I saved at.

The amount of Oil hauled is far in excess of anything hauled in Auckland in 1997!

Sooo that's that for North America. I might create a custom map with an ideal setup and see it I can max out an industry in ideal conditions sometime soon.