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Part 42: 1997-2006: Not with a Bang, But a 5-Chime

1997-2006: Not with a Bang, but a 5-Chime
Locomotion Soundtrack - Techno Torture

Let's cap it off with a fitting final goal: Transport passengers the full length of the map, from Port Waikato in the South to Army Bay in the North. (Suggested by Xelada)

This ugly structure is necessary down at the Port Waikato end.

While up North, to get to Army Bay you first need to go around the Montsrous Dairy Flat.

Some of our mines seem to be well enough serviced now to go up and down in production.

The final diesel is of british pedigree.

Only the second helicopter in the game!

Er... I forgot to record the bit between 1999 and 2000. Not too much happened aside from more upgrades to the entire fleet, and the Steel mill at Otahuhu closed down, necessitating the selling of one of our trains and Burgundy closing down a bunch of lines.

Anyway, here's the final railway as built. How the %#&# I got a non-stop GIF run first time round is almost beyond belief. As you can seen, the railway isn't exactly high speed.

Up North we put in another airport to service the twin towns of Helensville and Kaukapakapa.

I put in one helicopter and realize that they are great for small passenger services to industrial stations where passengers would otherwise be an unwanted nuisance. I wish I had thought of doing it earlier!

Enough food goes to Great Barrier Island to supply a ship or two carrying processed food, so I expand the harbour there.

Hooray! We made it! Scrooge has dedicated his unusually long life to amassing wealth and prestige to this level. He can lay back and spend his remaining days a happy man. This would be as good a time as any to finish up.

While tying up a few loose ends, we get the A380! So we grab one to finish up!

Well, that's more or less it. To wrap up I'm going to do a state of the game post, and I'll also look at doing a max production experiment this weekend before we call this LP done.