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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

by GUI

Part 2

Meet your third enemy, badass black dude Abbott (voiced by Xzibit!).


Looks like fun.

Brand new levels of interactivity.

Time to kick some ass, but first we must find other stuff to do.

Sad fella, ain't ya?

Subquest which requires blood to be spilled.

Gay couple , wait... who's Jagger Valance?

Two people want Molina dead already, Molina you poor faggot you.

Time to head outside and find the guy who has been talking about Riddick.

Pretty graphics.

Looks like it.

Here you are!

I smell trouble.

Let's talk to the other friendly inmates first.

Hey there fellow bald tribe buddy.

So much violence in here.

Why are you looking at my cock you sick bastard?

Enough talking, time to get my shiv.

Mattson you traitor.

Shitty welcome, time to talk to Mattson.

Goons?! Did I just kill fellow SA members?


Hi there lizard king!

Talk to the hand.


What are we waiting for? Let's go!

But first we have to finish some unfinished business with Molina.

Surprise, cockfag!

We get one map with a security code for a room in the infirmary (which contains a scalpel and a smoke pack) and a smoke pack.

Time to go to the Aquinas territory past the courtyard.

We have to kill Rust's goons and we'll reach him eventually.

The lizard himself.


Riddick the mind reader.

So much unneccessary violence in here.

Time to heal myself.

Now THAT's one interesting way of health recovery!

I need to get out of here!

Time to head to the infirmary then.

I won't.


Moving forward...

What the hell.

Health boost! Now I have 5 health squares instead of 4, there are 3 more of these machines spread across the game.

Uh oh, let's be sneaky.

A few neck breakings later...

More stealth, I need to reach that guy.

We are here at last! The mainframe.

You're going to be missing your life in a few seconds!

Now I can carry weapons, here comes trouble.

Time to run and gun.

Die, faggots.

Must turn off the fan so Riddick doesn't get ripped to shreds.

Get bent.


I smell ambush.

Easy ambush.


Not even Voltron can destroy Riddick.

Time to take the elevator, wonder where it leads to.

Great, we are back at where we started.



A radio! We can use this to trick the guards and make them open the door.



Riddick's hide and seek.

Riddick mad, Riddick kill.

Thanks for the information.