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Part 106: Bonus Material: Concept Art Bonanza

What an art dump I'll of shit I'd been sitting on but keep forgetting to add? 'course you do!


Serge Concept Art - Actually used in-game in the Game Over screen. I ought to post that one of these days.

"My thumbs down was a twofold response-a sign of derision at being called a silent hero and a signal of my complete understanding of the mission orders."

Pictured above: Serge stoned out of his gord. Pictured below: Serge - angry drunk.

A few early Serge character sketches.


Kid's Portrait Artwork - She's one of the few characters that doesn't just use their main character art as a portrait too.

Kid with a bad sunburn art.

Near final Kid sketch - All that is left is to make that skirt about five inches shorter.

Alternate color scheme for Kid - Before she decided bright red was definitely the way to go for being a thief.

Alternate Kid design - In some bizarro dimension where she was 95% less slutty dressed.

Early Kid sketches - Slightly more in-line with her Radical Dreamers' design.

Slightly more hoboish Kid design. She appears to be wearing plastic bags for shoes.


Drafts of Lynx striking a pose and coping a feel.

Lynx just loves hugs with old friends.

Early, significantly less (and more) cat-like designs for Lynx.

Miscellaneous characters:

The late Pierre.

NeoFio rocking a mean wedgie. Practicing vile tentacle techniques.

Draggy's dead eyes stalk its prey.

Sneff: Still hoboing it up a notch.

Pip the Pokémon.

Some alternate Guile designs from back when he actually mattered worth a damn to the plot.

A rather ugly ass early Harle design.

Korcha: Now featuring a loin cloth.'s a step up from a Speedo.

Early Fargo rockin' a beard and Cloud Strife's hairdo.

Leena: Socks Bandages and sandals are never appropriate.

Norris: Actually wearing a jacket which fits him.

Alternate, far more samurai looking early Radius designs.

Sneff: Ugly as sin even in early development.

Proto-Van featuring an even stupider looking hat.

Unused Enemies:

Harpy-like creature.

A cousin of the weird, ugly later evolved Metroids.

Oh, Japan...

Unused Characters:

Yes, despite having a clusterfuck final total of 45 characters, the original designs included 65 in total. Here's some left on the cutting room floor:

Apparently, this was some robotic puppet type guy that you could swap-out parts to change his weapons and stats. Couldn't have any crazy unique traits like that. Axe.

A baker's daughter fighting with the mighty baguette of legend.

Goddamn ninjas are in everything. They're as bad as zombies.

A few more mermaid type folk. Umlauts optional.

Generic von Animegirl

And the winner for worst haircut goes to...