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Part 9: Episode VII (Part 2): Ways Are Parted

"Maaaaaaaaybe it's not the best idea to travel someone my subconscious had a precognitive vision of me killing for some reason..."

The market has decided and Kid is getting ditched. But, she's not going into the sunset quietly. this is suddenly giving me a vibe that bringing her along will end with Serge getting robbed and his throat slit as he's sleeping.

So there is a second prompt to tell Kid to beat it. But, that's not it... The game really wants you to take her.

Yup, it takes three entire negative responses for Kid to finally get the message and give up with the "but thou must" bit.

Shoulda know a guy with a pink bandanna woulda ended up being a fruit.

So, there's nothing really detrimental to blowing off Kid here, other than coming off as kind of a dick. Indeed, from a gameplay standpoint it is the correct decision.

"I suggest ya go find a place to shack up for the night. Don't want ya to become Heckran bait, now. Hehehe..."

And with that Kid runs off to a new recruitment point in the second town of the game. What, did you think the chick on the front cover of the game would be completely avoidable?

As punishment for being a jerk to Kid: Poshul survives her freefall onto the rocks below. Ugh... Thankfully, we'll be able to be rid of her for good not long from now.

The next morning...

Apparently Serge crashes for the evening in storeroom of the random guy living in the parallel dimension version of Serge's house. That was nice of him.

A short while later Leena waltzes into the room. Apparently this shack is a popular teenager hangout spot. Granted there's only two one teenager living in Arni so anywhere she goes is automatically the most popular spot for kids of that demographic. But, details...

Leena then proceeds to show off she can get mad air. She used to play for the Arni Village JV Basketball Team, you know.

"I'm glad I found you here, though. Serge, right...? Kinda feels odd calling you that... I mean John or Tim or something more common...even SergeI would be okay... But, I mean who is named Serge these days? Well...still alive at least..."

"Maybe you had some kind of accident and hit your head. That's why your memory is messed up. You're really someone else and you just think you're the Serge who died 10 years ago. I mean it happens all the time in books and stuff. What you need is to get out and see the world. At least until you have a shocking revelation that turns your world upside down and shocks everyone reading!"
"Let's not get TOO crazy now..."
"Heh. Yeah... But still, I think it's worth a shot."

"And... You don't seem like such a bad person, either... Maybe not the greatest fashion sense...but I won't hold that against you."

This to me. Apparently our new objective is traveling to this Termina joint... Who knew?

" kind of is strange. The Leena I err...know...was just a wee bit more a cun-err..."
" Country! Yeah, country. Way more of a country gal."
"I see...
Anyway, I have errands to run over in Termina anyway."

Music: Victory ~ Spring's Gift

And so the alternate, more likable Leena has joins our party. Choosing Kid back at Cape Howl locks you out of picking Leena up at any point in a playthrough. It is one of the many obscure dick moves the game pulls.

There's not even a real reason why Leena doesn't joint or anything. She doesn't get jealous you pick up a half naked blonde while checking out a kid's burial site. She just stays forever on the dock saying Serge ought to go visit the grave up on the cape.

It's worth noting that if we didn't pick up Poshul in the Home World, the Another World Poshul will join alongside Leena. Chrono Cross likes to occasionally throw in the package deal character sets. I think the most you get at one time is around four in the span of ten minutes.

Leena's traits include being our first Blue Innate character that also focuses on magic, being one of those ordinary anorexic girls, and fighting with a spatula. How quaint.

Alright then, you lead the wa...

Tune in next time when we ditch this godawful mutt bastard for good before we even leave town.