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Part 27: Episode XXIII: In Which Poisoning is a Minor Nuisance at Best

The overbearing fog bank on the eastern edge of the core island dissipates with the defeat of the ghost ship and phantom crew. The S.S. Invincible also docks along the mysterious eastern landmass and becomes a friendly area that can be traveled to at will. I guess the pirates were thankful Serge and company defeated 95% of the assaulting undead company (Fargo gets the remaining 5% with the two ghosts he uppercut into the afterlife.)

The party can now land on the east coast of the core island and continue on to Mount Pyre if they wish. But, as Captain Fargo suggested...that is a pretty poor idea at this point.

This is mostly due to the lava pits dotting the area that almost instantly drop the entire party's health to 1. I am sure there is some insane player or two that has done this portion by just trucking through the lava and healing constantly during battles. But, I am not quite that insane.

Unfortunately, as you'll recall, Water Dragon Isle has dried up in this world and there is a big DO NOT DISTURB sign on the entrance to the Water Dragon's lair. Welp, with no real leads...maybe it is an idea to go back to Guldove and see what the wisdom the chatty Dragon Sage might have about this predicament. know it's been like two or three days since we initially left here... You don't think Kid has...?

Music: Departed Souls

"Ah...damn it..."
"Serge... It is not your fault..."

R.I.P. foul mouthed, barely dressed thief girl we knew for all of half a day. You will be missed...

Music: Optimism

"...What're you guys all doin' there?"
"Aww geez! Another ghost! Shame it had to end like this..."
"Who the hell ya callin' a soddin' ghost?"
"Aww...geez... She doesn't even know yet."
"Know what...? That you're a bloody loon? I've clued into that one."[/i]

"You're not the undead, searching for souls of the living as an offering for passage into the afterlife...? Then what are you doing out of bed, if not a phantom?"
"Oh, I complained about this sissy gown, but then they hid me own clothes somewhere to stop me from tryin' to escape... So I had no choice but to take a walk around the village lookin' like this. Anyway, what's up with you guys? Didja come back because you were worried about me?"
"Worried we were going to be stuck with the bill burying your ass if you croaked."

"But, I guess it was a pretty close call this time, eh... Hehe."
"But how did you neutralize the poison?"
"Sorry, I haven't the foggiest idea, either."
"Deus ex machina, then?"
"Ain't like it'd be the first time.
The doc will be back this afternoon, so let's ask him then."

Later that afternoon...

Music: Fragment of a Dream

"...Yeah. There's nothing to lose by knowing how, right Doc?"
"It was a coincidence... No, it was probably an act of fate."
"Eh, mate... Good call on the deus ex machina business..."
"Told ya so."

"After you left the village a young man came to visit me upon hearing of the patient's condition from a villager. He brought a certain item with him."
"A certain item? You do not mean...?"
"Yes, it was Hydra Humor. He happened to have a vial of it with him at the time..."

"He only told me that he 'came from the mainland.'"
"So some random foreign joker just happens across this podunk village and just happened to have a vial of this extinct legendary beast's blood in his back pocket...? And you didn't think this was particularly strange...?"
"Not particularly..."
"And what did he want in return?"
"Well, nothing. He just wanted to help."
"Right... So he was just a good Samaritan? And you never met him?"
"Yes, that would seem right."
"Alright... I was just making sure you didn't give him ten minutes alone in the back room with her or anything in exchange."

"I hate being in debt to others! Ah, hell! When I find him I'll...!? Wait, that's not what I wanna do."
"What's not what you wanna do...?"
"Oh, the sort of thing Leena would know all about."
"Good to see you again too..."
"And geez, Red. What did I tell ya about the knight kid? Ain't you got a sweetheart already, mate?"
"Are you talking to me?"
"Yea. I saw ya out with that tall purple haired girl. Ain't you two a thing? Woulda figured a soldier would know better than foolin' around with the wrong kinda crowd."
"Excuse me?!"
"I am afraid you are mistaken."
"Uh-huh... Whatever... Nonna my business..."

"It is not something that could be forgiven, but I offer my apologies..."
"Hey, wait doc. What's with the formality? No matter what else happened, you're the one that made the antidote, right? It would've been useless without you, even if we did have the right stuff."
"Well, actually it is administered almost in pure form with no ad-"
<glare> "You ain't gonna make me look bad wasting me gratitude on ya, are ya?"
"I mean... Thank you, Kid."

"Well, actually we never really bothered to lo-"
<elbows in the ribcage>
"I mean, it was no big deal..."

"Hey, don't worry. I'm no good at this... But thanks."

"Do you intend to continue on your journey?"
"If you mean leaving this pile of sticks that reeks of fish guts...? Very much so."
"That's right, we've still got things to take care of. We'll be leaving by tomorrow. Serge has got a lot of problems that need to be solved..."
"Then will you allow me to join in your party? I would like to broaden my horizons as a doctor... Will I be too much of a nuisance to you?"
"Whoa, having a doctor with us will be a great help!"
"Especially, if you're coming with us again."
"Or to fix yer arse up when I shove your soddin' head up it."

"Besides, how can I turn down a request from me lifesaver. We're more than happy to have you with us!"

Doc is the third and final character earned from the neglecting Kid path. There is no real reason why he doesn't join in the saving Kid route since...well he contributes fuck all to saving her besides synthesizing the antidote down that path too. But, he apparently feels like less of a fuck-up physician if Serge actively gets the antidote components rather than it just falling into his hands from some random jerk.

Welp, that is it for character recruitment for a rather significant amount of time. There will be quite the lull until new members are added into the team. But, that is a story for another day.

The next morning...

"You say Viper and his mob are heading for Fort Dragonia, eh? Didja hear? Fort Dragonia's the oldest ruin that the Dragonians left on this planet."
"Quick question. Should I know what the hell a 'Dragonian' is supposed to be?"
"Let's see... 'Dragonian'... Well, gee. Maybe...just was some kinda bloody dragon guys? Justa hunch."
"Point taken..."

"Don't ya remember, Serge? It's that blue orb that was on top of old Viper's desk."
"Was there such a thing?"
"What, you don't remember? Gawd you're hopeless..."
"...I cannot believe it! The general has the Dragon Tear... But why?"
"Look, I know I wasn't around for that sage nutter ramblin' about the thing. But we all already know it's to activate the spooky old fort up the mountain. And we know we've gotta climb up there after that mob. So let's cut to the chase..."

"Reiteration that lava is hot."
"Reminder that we need the Water Dragon blessing."
"Recalling that isn't an option in this world."
<silent staring>

"But I think this problem can be easily taken care of!"
"What do you mean by that...?"
"Gonna pull an awkward plot point outta my arse."

"You heard the story from the village shaman, right? The story about the 'Land of the Genesis.'"
"Are you talking about the other world...? The one Serge came from?"
"I sure hope not... Sorry to burst your bubble, but the place is kinda as much of a dump as here."
"Yea. That's right. The situation in each world is different, right? Things missing in one world can be found in the other. If that's true then we still stand a chance!"
"But how are we going to get to the other world?"

"Yeah. My Astral Amulet (see I bold stuff so ya can just skim it) is a total plot device that just so happens to let us jump between dimensions."
"That seems entirely convenient..."
"I know. I didn't even have to shack up with a bloke to nab it either. Crazy, huh?"

"We need a key. A missing piece of this world. Long story short...Serge, that'd be you, mate. According to that shaman we just gotta go back to where you fell in this world, wave this amulet around, and bam! Alternate dimension here we come!"

"Well, I don't know about you but... I probably don't need no Dragon's protection to get me through hot water! But that's me... We gotta head to this 'Land of the Genesis.' The place where this all began! Only you know where that is."
"It's this ratty beach named 'Opassa' down by where we first met."
"Opassa...? That sounds like the name of a gas station or somethin'..."
"Hey, I didn't pick it."
Before we go, I'll leave this in yer keeping for a while. But, don't ya dare lose it on me!"

And now, at last, with no Speedo wearing colossal fuckface to take it away this time, Serge gains the dimension teleporter plot device Astral Amulet.

And, on top of that, Kid is back on the team. Our silly accent quota is back on track.

Before ditching Guldove for the foreseeable future, it is a very, very good idea to swing by the Element Shop on the second level and stock up on some brand new RecoverAll elements they now have in stock. RecoverAll is probably one of the more useful overall elements in the entire game and remains something that ought to be in at least one of everyone's element slots for the duration of the adventure.

A quick sail ride to the main island later...

So, being where the initial breach in dimensions occurred, Opassa Beach is the only area in the game where the party may pass between dimensions. So, we will be seeing a lot of this peninsula in the future.

"Yeah, so this is it... The point of contact, and the starting point... This is the 'Cross Point.'"
"What do we do now, Serge?"
"I hope you hit your pipe before we left. If this is anything like the first time, things are gonna get trippy."

So, using the Astral Amulet on the dimensional anomaly peaking through the beach will trigger the jump between worlds.

Welcome home...

Wormholes and Dimensional Hopping

Kid is Not Lovin' This Shit...

Fragment of a Dream