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Part 37: Episode XXXIII: Stars

Music: Voyage (Home World)

Well, that wasn't much fuss to get a boat in Home World. We didn't even have to get anyone stabbed or deal with a pantsless Jamaican retard or his mom. Now that we have Norris' Zodiac the party is free to explore El Nido once more. There is a bit more going on in Home World at the moment than its Another World counterpart.

Of course our ultimate goal for this leg of the adventure is to enter the Dead Sea to the far east of El Nido. The next plot point is found by taking a trip to Marbule just south of the swirling vortex. But...let's go recruit a character first.

You'll recall that random Porre soldier back at the start of Viper Manor's ruins who was going on about a monster at Sky Dragon Island and weird shit going on at the El Nido Triangle. That was actually a big hint as to a little sidequest. El Nido Triangle is just a stone throw away from Marbule (and just south of Water Dragon Isle.) So, let's stop by there first.

We could have stopped by the Triangle in Another World. However, it was just an odd arrangement of tiny islands there. The whole ominous glowing anomaly from the abyss wasn't present. Steering our glorified dinghy to the center of the Triangle will...strangely enough...give the party the option to descend to the ocean floor... Uuuhhh...

Music: Jellyfish Sea

The waters of El Nido Triangle apparently have the unique property of being perfectly breathable by land dwelling folk above. Also, they have absolutely no affect on their movement or the ability to throw daggers or shoot firearms and the like... Well...who am I to argue with fantasy locations logic?

The ocean floor is still home to a variety of Yellow innate fish that will attack on sight. None are particularly threatening or worth mentioning any further. But there you have it

The ultimate goal is a treasure chest tucked in the back of a coral cavern at the very bottom of the breathable underwater enigma. Said cave is guarded by about five swarms of aquatic encounters to gobble up a few minutes of the party's time.

Within the cavernous vault is a "Star Fragment". According to locals the Star Fragment has fuck all value but is very pretty and said to bring good luck... Very far from the truth, that...

Returning to dryer ground...

With the Star Fragment in tow, Lynx and friends can now motor over to Sky Dragon Isle for the next leg of the quest.

The island itself is rather peaceful and devoid of any enemies to speak of. There are a few random adventurers loitering about further inland. Let's see what they're take is on this alleged monster.

"It took away the 'Star Fragment' I had worked so hard to get. Well, if I wouldn't have had it, the monster would've taken my life instead.

So, the monster will attack on sight anyone carrying the relic we just obtained. Good to know. There is only one lengthy set of stairs leading toward the summit of the island. It would seem the monster has made its lair up above.

A tiny blue...thing...quickly dashes off-screen as the party approaches. Other than that, there is only another wandering NPC who repeats what his predecessor said about the Star Fragment business. Also, a treasure chest seems to have found a home in the center of the plateau.

"Huh... Well, that is disapp-"

"...Oh for god's sake... WHAT?!"

And so the party is attacked by a two story tall space alien named MegaStarky. Uhh...sure...why not? MegaStarky isn't particular difficult at all. The only thing he really has going for him is a ridiculous amount of health at 2000 HP. Which really only serves to drag out the battle forever.

MegaStarky has some fairly damaging physical attacks with his oversized laser blaster. They all hit for around 40-60 HP of damage and he always attacks twice in a row. The first order of business for this battle should be to charge up Harle's element grid and have her use her Level 5 Tech to give everyone a magic defense shield. This will nullify everything but Starky's physical attacks for the better part of the battle, leaving the party free to pound away at the bullet sponge.

The space invader only has one unique tech in Raydiation, which hits the whole party for heavy White damage. Though, if Harle's shield is in-play it will do a whole 0-2 HP worth of health draining.

Other than that, MegaStarky has a fairly full array of mid-level White elements. If the party has a trap for it, this battle is a fairly good way to obtain the UltraNova high end element.

In any case, just having Harle and Lynx pound the shit out of it with Black elements and a third character around for healing if necessary is enough to properly "Welcome to Earf" our friend from beyond the stars.

Upon defeat, MegaStarky stops living up to the "Mega" part of its name and returns to a pint-sized stature.

It then nabs the Star Fragment out of our inventory and bolts. Lynx is forced to chase the little bugger around for a bit and catch him before he escapes.

"Starky got caught. Youu win."
"Who are you?"
"Starky come from faraaway stars. But Starky's ship fall from sky. Star Fragment is Starky's ship fragment. The ship turned to fragments after crash."
"So zat'z why you were collecting fragmentz. If we're lucky, your ship might still be intact in ze odder world."
"That is kind of a stretch..."
"Hush! Zes zpaceman iz adorable and he iz coming with uz!"

"Starky noo moore goo home."
"Sure... An alien... Why not...? Pfft... And I thought that talking scarecrow was some weird shit a couple weeks ago... How naive I was..."

And so Team Lynx gains a little green blue man. The anuses of all our enemies had best live in constant fear of probing and prodding from here on out.

Starky Official Art - Behold your new overlord

Voyage (Home World)
Jellyfish Sea