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Part 47: Episode XLIII: Farewell

Episode XLIII: Farewell

"What can I say? Level 26..."
"Maybe...just and your friends have the power to defeat FATE and build a new future for humanity."
"You think so...?"
"The Dead Sea is the true form of this planet's future. That's right... At one stage our world was on the verge of such inevitable destruction... That was in 1999, when the parasitical alien life-form known as Lavos awoke after centuries of feeding off this planet. Lavos fell from the heavens a countless number of years ago and burrowed deep beneath the surface to eat and sleep. Slowly but deliberately, Lavos devoured our planet from the inside out...waiting for the time to ripen its true awakening. Finally Lavos did awake and manifested its true form on the surface of the planet. That's when our world faced a death from which there seemed no possibility of escape..."

"These young heroes caught a glimpse of this planet's future destruction as it appeared in the year 2300. They realized they could not turn their backs on our planet, even if its death would not be anywhere near their lifetime. Time traveling from epoch to epoch, they battled Lavos for the future of our planet, and eventually won. But in saving our planet from the death Lavos was going to bring about, they also changed the course of history..."

"Call it cause and effect... It is just a problem of possibilities, after all... In this world, there are no such things as absolutes or certainties."
"Huh... Well, at least I won't have to worry about any Sith on top of all this crap."

"The future destruction of our planet is going to become a reality in this world once again..."

"With Serge serving as the trigger..."
"Perhaps, or perhaps not... Either way, it is all part of the grand game of the gods...and 'goddesses!' People are dragged into playing this game...forced to put their own lives on the line...without even knowing the rules. Without even being allowed to complain, they try to do their best under the conditions placed upon them... The only alternative is to give up and leave the playing field in a forfeit..."
"What about if they run down the clock? What happens then?"
"I am just using an analogy... Can I finish? I appear to be bleeding out."
"Oh...yeah, sure. Sorry."

"Those knights were after the Frozen Flame, of course. But instead they became salt for the Dead Sea... You see, only the chosen one can approach the Flame... "

The area begins violently shaking...

"FATE doesn't want the Frozen Flame to awaken in this place at this time... It would choose to destroy the Flame along with the whole Dead Sea, than to allow its enemies to take hold of the Flame... This lost future is about to disappear into the darkness beyond the dimensions again... You have no time to spare. You must leave here immediately! Quick...go!"

???: "That is why I sometimes desire to smash you to bits!!!"

"Don't worry about me! You must go now!"

The party begins running off. But, turn back for Miguel's last piece of monologue...

"You...the one that the Frozen Flame has chosen!"

"My dear Leena... May you live in a happier tomorrow!"

Miguel expires and fades away into nothingness. The three ghost children soon follow suit...

"I'm starting to think we oughta start skipping some of these jerks' monologues... It is starting to get a LITTLE hazardous for our health!"

Suddenly there is a dragon out of fucking NOWHERE!

Deus ex Machina dragons are the best dragons.

A pillar of light envelops the Tower of Geddon. Looks like the Ion Cannon has finally gotten into position.

The ground beneath the Dead Sea erupts toward the tower...

And so the Dead Sea and everything in it is blows the fuck up in nuclear hellfire. Nice of the Empire from Drakengard to loan out its fantasy nukes to impoverish regions like El Nido.

It is then whisked into some manner of dimensional wormhole...

Then blown the fuck up again for good measure. They are REALLY thorough about their demolition policies in El Nido.

Some time later on the shores of Marbule island...

Music: Lost Pieces

"Why did you help us?"
"I, too, would like to witness this. How thou shalt live and how thou shalt die... If thou art planning to bring forth a new entity, prepare thyself for anguish and sorrow."
"Uhh...thanks for the tip...?"

The dragon flies off, leaving the party to gaze out toward the ocean and reflect upon whatever the hell just happened. The Sky Dragon leaves them with one final parting message.

"If thou intend to defy the Goddess of Fate, speak with the ancient Dragon Gods, who sit in repose in El Nido... Let the path to the Sea of Eden be known when all the powers of the 'Sleeping Dragons' are brought together..."
"Uuuurgh... That sounds suspiciously like a fetch quest... I hate my life..."

"I don't know... I guess... Maybe alternate world Leena is more into the whole furry thing... Oh geez... We just killed her dad, didn't we...? That's gonna be...awkward... Yeesh..."
"The dimensional distortion should be back in order. Let's head to Opassa Beach."

Welp, at least our boat was nice enough to float over to Marbule since the untimely destruction of the Dead Sea. That would have sucked to have to swim back to shore.

"Zen let'z get going!"
"About friggin' time!

The developers really didn't feel like putting forth the resources of animating a new FMV for Lynx traveling between worlds. So instead, he just kind of clips through the floor.

Well, see you folks in another world...

End of the Dead Sea

Lost Pieces