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Part 84: Episode LXXVII: Serge and the Sage of Reason

Music: Dragon's Prayer

"Yup...Profoundly stupid."


"Welcome. It's good to see you finally made it here! I have been expecting you...Serge!"
"Called it."

"Is this... Viper Manor?"
"This is a space that does not exist. But don't mind that..."
"Don't mind that...? But?! A 'space that doesn't exist'?! What does that even *mean*?!"
"More importantly, I have something I must explain to you!"
"Who are ya?"
"Oh, my name is a stand in for Masato Kato with the plot draft beneath my robe Belthasar..."

"Well, that was up until the Queen of Zeal attempted to harness the power of Lavos... Let's just say, things got out of control and Lavos created a dimensional vortex that threw me far into the future!"
"Oh is that all?
"There, I seized the opportunity to study the science of the future... I was then able to apply to that the knowledge I brought from my own era, including magic, which was long lost in the future. Anyway, this led me to make huge progress in the research of time."
"Yea...? How'd that work out for ya?"
"Well, that research led to the creation of Chronopolis and to the Time Crash... You might think I really blew it, but perhaps it was really my finest hour! Ho-ho-hoh..."
"So...what you are this is...pretty much *ALL*...YOUR fault...? Am I hearing that right...?"
"Sure sounds like that from where I'm standin'."
"Alright, folks. Change of plans! Old geezer in the library was the villain the whole time. Let's plaster this relic!"
"Hold on! Hold on... Let me explain myself further..."

"I used it to time warp to this age to learn of Chronopolis and FATE's plans, and to see how things were turning out."
"Wait...hold up. You didn't even get sent back in time with everyone else with this Time Crash thing...? You had to build a time machine to get back here and see how things were going...? How does that even work?"
"Oh, well I'd retired from the project for a few years before all of that unfortunate business at Chronopolis."
"So you just used your advanced knowledge from some magical ancient dead civilization to mess around with the fabric of time...then you retired and just hoped for the best?"
"Hoh-ho-hoh. Well, that's one way to put it. I had hoped my successors had gathered enough of my teachings to yield interesting results without my guidance."
"So, Glenn. I'm thinking an X-Strike oughta work out pretty well?"
"Sounds like a plan."
"Wait, there is more to this tale..."

"Terra Tower is really a city of the Reptites, from another dimension's future... It was originally 'Dinopolis'... The castle of Azala's descendants, who achieved an evolution much more intimate with our planet. Dinopolis was drawn into this dimension's past about ten thousand years ago... This was done so that it would serve as a counter-balance against Chronopolis, which pulled Lavos here."
"Gramps, I know all of this already. It was in the last info dump Kid gave back at Timetown."
"Wait, what...?"

"Needless to say, a fierce battle ensued... In the end, Chronopolis emerged as the victor, and the Reptite's fortress was sealed away by FATE..."

Yes, so Lavos brought back in time Chronopolis and its future, warmonger jerk humans with their advanced technology. So the planet countered with bringing back...peaceful hippie lizard people. And it went poorly for the latter faction. Who'd have seen that one coming...?

"Originally the whole Archipelago of El Nido was known as the Sea of Eden. This was because it was where the Dragon Gods resided. But then FATE sealed away the Dragon Gods' powers, in effect becoming a god itself. Thus the islands where the new godhead, FATE, existed came to be called the Sea of Eden instead."
"So...instead of the whole region being called the Sea of Eden, just the corner where FATE and your stupid future time fortress hung out was named that. Damn, old timer. These are some shocking revelations. People are like gonna have to update the El Nido wiki for that one."
"So, Kid. Howabout you use that big laser blaster thing you picked up, after Glenn and I do the X-Strike. Just to be sure we got 'em."
"The Hot Shot?"
"Yeah, I think so. Though uhh...just some advice. Leaning your leg up on it like you do...'s making the title to that tech kind of a double-entendre..."
"I don't follow..."
"Uhh...just think about it, alright..."

"It was not true that the Dragon Gods sealed away the Frozen Flame... Rather, it's quite the opposite... It was FATE that used the power of the Flame to seal up the Dragon Gods. In reality, the Dragon Gods are in opposition to man, while FATE itself was actually the protector of humanity!"
"No, FATE was just kind of a dick that incidentally needed humanity because there were big evil dragon gods. And we already know about the dragons pulling the heel turn. We're fighting our way through their friggin' spooky past-future tower to kick their asses RIGHT NOW! You have yet to say a single thing that is new!"

"...A living accumulation of the planet's energy! Originally it was a biological machine used to control the powers of nature in the future society of the Reptites. In order to control the natural energy itself, FATE divided the one Dragon God entity up into 6 weaker plasma life-forms... Then scattered them across the land and sealed them away. Their dragon-like appearances are just pseudo-guises... Temporary forms they take so that they can appear in this dimension."
"...So, what? Now the dragons are a computer too...? Is *everything* a computer? Am I a computer?"
"No, Serge. You are not a computer."
"Are *you* a computer...?"
"I most certainly am not."
"What about the creepy ghost kids from the Dead Sea watching us...? Are *they* computers?"
"Also, not a computer."
"As you say... I've got my eye on the lot of you."
"As I was saying..."

"At that moment, the seven Dragons who had been rendered almost powerless and forgotten traveled across the dimensions to reunite into a single entity!"
"Seven Dragons? I thought there were only six!?"
"There were six Dragons you knew of and one more hidden Dragon you didn't... Like the second moon that once was lost, but later was found..."
"Eh...? What's that supposed to mean?"
"Although the same planet, my world didn't have two moons! Look up at the night sky now and you will see seven celestial bodies... Five stars and two moons... Five brother stars that correspond to the five colored Dragons, ruling like gods over the night skies... One moon that corresponds to the white Sky Dragon... And another darker, daughter moon to counterbalance them. The Fire Dragon, the Water Dragon, the Green Dragon, the Earth Dragon, the Black Dragon, the Sky Dragon, and one more... The final Dragon... the dark moon Dragon... The one who was to work to free the other Dragons from their bondage by the FATE computer... The child the others created on the night of the electric storm that temporarily caused FATE to loosen its hold on them..."
"I believe you knew her as... Harle."
"Harle was a friggin' DRAGON now?! How does that even work?!"

"Perhaps we can consider what's happening as our planet's vengeance on us... To finally sweep away the unwanted humans from the face of this blue planet..."
"But didn't stop the Lavamosis space sandspur thing from destroying the planet...? What, did the Sun break up with the Planet and now it's doing the cosmic equivalent of slitting its wrists in the bathtub?"
"First it was FATE, now it's the planet...?"
"Or vice-versa... But either way you look at it, now's the time to set things right. The future of mankind... The destiny of this planet... Everything depends on the next battle you will fight. But unfortunately the time for us to part has come..."
"You said it, gramps..."

"Uhh...yeah. It's kinda annoying. It makes irritating music pings when I've got it equipped."
"The Chrono Cross... The melody and harmony... It has the power to cross space and time and unify people's thoughts and feelings... It has the power to transfer memories... By using it as an Element, it has the power to draw on the sounds of the six colored Elements to produce a healing harmony... It has the power to combine the sounds of the world into one melody..."

The Chrono Trigger ghost kids walk into the back of the library and fade away... Belthasar slinks off along with them, but leaves one closing note.

"Be careful now... And good luck...!"
"Yeah, thanks..."
"Hey! Wait!! Where do you think you're going?!"

Belthasar vanishes too...

"Welp, what did I tell ya...? Profoundly stupid..."

Music: Dragon's Prayer