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Part 20

I read his description again.

A youth dressed in blue, tapers of orange and white framing a face hidden by hair as red and matted as if it had been drenched with blood.

The demon sent from Porre.

The devil born of my failure.
How dare I call myself Her Knight.

The dark room and my mother's stories of them was the whole of my childhood. They were all perfect, beautiful as they were righteous, strong enough to protect everyone, kind to every soul and never wrong, they were the proof that the world was a good place filled with light. She knew this because my father was a knight, she would remind me whenever the screaming from outside the room would interrupt her story, or stall her from returning to me, she would stress that it was not my father's voice that hurt her but her father's. My father would never harm her or me or anyone because he was a knight and loved us, then she would start crying. I only asked her why he wasn't with us once and learned never to ask again.
This was my life until the day my mother died and the Church took me away from the dark room and into the horror of daylight. On the way to the monastery this light allowed me to see the truth reflected from a water filled ditch. I saw the reason my mother cried when she talked about my father, the reason I would never be a knight like him and save her. I saw that I was a freak.

I saw my hair.

Green hair is an abomination, the scar that betrayed my sin-cursed lineage. Why else would everyone shun me as if I was some sort of monster? I was utterly alone.
That is, until I saw My Princess.

Behind her unearthly beauty I saw the loneliness we shared, me trapped in a cage of ostracization, she stranded atop a tower of unapproachable royalty.

She needs me, I need her.
She is My Princess, I am Her Knight.
We are soulmates, we are one.

I need to see her, I need to make sure that she is okay, that the brutality that that monster inflicted upon her hasn't won out. A day doesn't go by that I am not thankful that I discovered the secret passages within the castle, while she is in the castle I always know where she is, I am always able to protect her. The rats I eat in lieu of the meals at the monastery is far less that what I would pay for the safety of My Princess, I will never forgive myself for not knowing that she was going to sneak out to that fair.

She might not be asleep, but that doesn't matter. She knows about me, she would return my affections if it wasn't for my accursed hair, I've seen it on her face as I stood over her watching her sleep through the night. I can see her dreaming of Her Knight just as I dream of My Princess... she loves me.

Light still seeps from behind the secret door, at least I can peer through the holes I carved out for a few moments...

What is this!? My Princess is in danger! Maybe, just maybe I can redeem myself for my failure, maybe I can truly be a knight.

Alright guys,

Sorry about the even later lateness lately, exams and the fact that the last two updates were pretty important plot wise (explaining a bit about that fukkin bell(lmao) and introducing Frog) slowed things down considerably. Updates should speed back up now.*

*Assume this is bullshit just to be safe.