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by KQKyle

Part 26

How am I still dreaming? I failed them, their dream turned to nightmare and I couldn't save them. No. I could have let the nightmare continue, that would have been better, would have been wiser than what I did. I chose the humans, who have no choice but to die, over my people. I am no Dreamer.

Why do I still dream?

What is this? He is not of the New Tribe, but he seems so much like them. Does he feel? Does he hope? Does he dream?
...Say something.

No, this thing doesn't dream. It doesn't even live in nightmare. It is the same as the New Tribe, as if I had failed it too.

It is nothing.

Alright guys, thanks for staying here while the thread went through some tough times instead of jumping ship during the long delays. And of course extra special thanks to Jacobus for making this update, and hopefully quite a few to come, so make sure to give props to him too.

Next update should be up, won't say when, just that it will. Till then guys!

Ed: Don't hold your breath, though.