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Part 7: Dark Astoria - WeX Majors

Glazius posted:

The Freedom Corps building in Galaxy City had them. Just go back in time to before it was exploded by space rocks.

Funny you mention Galaxy City. While traveling back in time is a bit beyond the scope of Shower-Man's powers, turns out I know another dude who's quite familiar with all iterations of Galaxy City.
Please welcome, from all the way back to Summer of 2011, from the oldest movie theatre in America, Crey Theatre Equipment's newest Projector and Tour Guide.

Hello again Goons. I'm glad to see you enjoyed my previous Tour Through Time. However, I'm afraid that I must pass on some news from You. We've already met in the future, and we seem to have had a chronal displacement. This happens occasionally dealing with Time Travel. Therefore, I've been requested to give you the rest of the Standard Introduction. Ahem:
-sessing the ability to travel through time that I do, CTE has deemed me the appropriate tour guide to show you Paragon As It Was and as It Could Be.
I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of communication about Dark Astoria. Therefore, I shall use the vast amount of technology at my disposal to display Dark Astoria 2010-8 months from now. Time Travel does bizarre things to Tombstones.

Well here you go. This IsWas Dark Astoria. Thank you for view...Ah, I see that my humor engine is too advanced for you. That's normal. In that case, I shall proceed through the map. However, having never been here before, I must capture a map of the area.

Excellent. Now, shall we proceed?

Ah yes. Such a lovely view, I simply love fog so thick that even my advanced Xenon Bulb can't cut thro-


That unfortunately, IsWas common for all heroes. This fog is magical in nature and the brightest bulbs (of which I currently have equipped) can not prevent you from flying into the side of a building. This makes ground travel a far more ideal form of transportation. Unfortunately, the streets of Astoria AreWere extremely un-nerving to most humans. Thankfully, I do not possess the ability to fear nor do I watch The Walking Dead. So I shall continue.

However, I can certainly understand a human's trepidation in a situation as the sudden-ness of the banished pantheon's siege of Astoria has left the zone looking like a cross between 28 Days Later and The Night Of The Living Dead

The more industrial section of Astoria simply HasHad nothing not viewable in any other section of the city. The only reason anyone ComesCame to Dark Astoria, is here. Welcome to The Moth Cemetery.

It is not a place for the Faint-Of-Heart to GoGone.

Thankfully the siege did not destroy most of the path running through the cemetery. In fact, an odd amount of this cemetery seemsEd to HaveHad been left by the Pantheon. This is mainly due to the Pantheon being more interested in bodies to be used as the servants of their dark god. Possessing neither a body, nor a soul, I am well above their needs, so we shall continue along through this tun-

That can't be a good sign. This is the only time any of the Pantheon have paid any sort of attention to me since arriving here. I do not want to destroy these things, as it could very well destroy the time-stream, so it best we continue.

You stand in the middle of a four-way intersection. To your[NORTH]is more pathway. A few dead TREES hang over the path. The way is guarded by two stone ANGELS.

You proceed NORTH. You barely move past the INTERSECTION when you see a large MOUNTAIN. It towers in front of you. What do you want to do?


This is absurd! It's just a pile of earth! There's just dirt annnd...FOG. What a Surprise! There's not even a badge!

I'll never be able to see anything from here. Let us see if there's anything interesting along the path again.

Indeed, at the last bit of path left, we find this large massive wall. This my audience, IsWas the reason for anyone to come to Moth Cemetery.

An absolutely massive fortress that most of the population simply ignoresEd. No one quite KnowsKnew what the point of the fortress IsWas. No bodies AreWere ever buried there. So what better place to end our tour?

"Where do these stairs go?"
"They go up"

According to my sensors, the pantheon located in and around this structure AreWere the most powerful throughout the entire zone. Again, possessing nothing they want, I am able to bypass them without any trouble.

More so than the sheer size of the fortress, the part that IsWas the most intimidating is the sheer amount of stone protectors. It most be noted that the various lions and angels AreWere facing *out*. They WereAren't trying to protect us, they AreWere trying to *warn* us.

So let's go up! Only one last set of steps to go til we reach the top annnd


Nothing at all?! Bah! How utterly illogical! I have no problem understanding erecting this massive fortress of stone and magic. As an advanced machine like I AmWas, I know there are parts of this world I simply do not understand. But there's simply nothing here. I don't understand how the pantheon CanBeWere so obsessed with a big block of nothing.

I feel that I most learn more. I most get more advanced equipment and travel further along into my own personal time stream and determine what has happened to have all of Dark Astoria suddenly blocked off completely.
I Will Return!

Unfortunately, it seems that The Simplex was lost after this meeting with us. Whatever now exists in Dark Astoria, it requires someone of headier stock than a simple level 50...