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by Coulis

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Original Thread: As lovely as a tartare steak - Let's Play Clive Barker's Jericho


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Having a break from my maddening French LP with a crazy Spanish game.

Before being praised for the reboot of Castlevania, the Spanish developpers from Mercury Steam created a video game with the famous writer Clive Barker. It was called Jericho, no link with the TV show and no link with Undying either.
Clive Barker's Jericho is an horror FPS released in 2007 on xbox 360, ps3 and pc.
It was quickly sold in bargain bins because well... it's not very good. I am probably one of the few persons in the world who actually enjoyed the game, mostly for the music, the background and the retard dialogues.

So here we go: let's share the pain.


Before creating us, God creating a guy called the First Born, a perfect being. But unfortunately for his creation, God wanted to create something a bit more flawed and controllable. So, he created humans and put the first one in a box to avoid seeing him fuck up everything. Being pretty badass, the first born tried from time to time to get out of his bloody box, each time failling, thanks to seven magicians sacrificing themselves at each time period. Every time, a little piece of the era was absorbed by the box.
In the thirties, USA created a special section dedicated to fighting magic threats (especially nazis). In 1962, they recruited Arnold Leach, a super magician who was a bit of an asshole. Arnie betrayed the Department of Occult Warfare and went rogue.
It's now 200X, the "box" of the first born has been located in the ruins of Al-Khali, a lost Sumerian city. Leach wants to open it and it is our task to stop him.
You play as the Jericho squad: Seven magicians & witches equipped with high-tech guns.
Time to save the world !


In Jericho, you can switch between seven characters, each having his/her own powers and weapons.

Captain Steve Blum

The team leader and the protagonist

Formerly extremely skeptical towards all paranormal and psychic phenomenon, Jericho Squad Leader and accomplished war veteran Devin Ross was transferred to the Department of Occult Warfare after his own psychic abilities manifested during a botched raid on a Taliban safe house several years previously. As a psychic healer, Ross is able to revive fallen teammates, provided he is able to maintain visual contact.

Captain Xavier Jones

Generic second in command dude, he is a medium and you use him like twice in the game. He can possess enemies and use astral projection

Little is known about Jones, and he seems to like it that way. Second in command, Xavier Jones is more of a bookworm than a fighting man, having spent most of his career at the DOW in an office before recently joining the combat division. He is skilled in astral projection and empathy, and the Jericho Squad look to him as some kind of enforcer, seen at one point after some team infighting, when he is ordered to "arrest that man." He carries a Patrioteer which is an HKG36C assault rifle with an XM26 semi-automatic mounted shotgun. During the game other beings have used him to translate their language to the Jericho squad.

Lt. Abigail Black

Telepathic sniper dark chick, probably the best character in the game.

A telekinetic sniper, Black tends to keep to herself. The only daughter of an avid Alaskan-born outdoorsman and hunter, Abigail Black persevered through a childhood of poverty and abuse to become one of the top marksmen in the US Army. She carries a sniper rifle called Flash Thought which also has an under-barrel grenade launcher. Her psychokinetic powers allow her to guide her bullets into multiple targets (Ghost Bullet). Her teammates pick on her somewhat, with Delgado in particular making jokes regarding her sexuality.

Sergeant Frank Delgado

Heavy Weapon guy of the team. He uses a mini-gun and can summon a fire demon from his arm.

Sgt. Frank Delgado is of Mestizo and Chickasaw descent, his powers owing to a life-long pursuit of alchemy and shamanic wisdom. Delgado has only one useful arm on a mission-his right is encased within a protective shell containing Ababinili, a parasitic flame spirit of which Delgado was able to summon and earn the cooperation of after offering his arm as a sacrifice. His recruitment saved him from execution at the hands of the Chinese government. Accordingly, Delgado favors high-caliber firearms to compensate for his reduced dexterity. He carries a 7.62-mm mini-gun fed by a continuous ammo strip (Hells Keeper) and a .50-calibre semi-automatic custom pistol with 6-round magazines (Pain). Delgado is a very hot-tempered individual who has little respect for authority, and often clashes with Rawlings.

Sergeant Wilhelmina 'Billie' Church

Ninja chick used for the stealth part of the game, had the awesome ability to stun enemies with a blood seal and can also immolate them.

Church is a blood mage who serves as a point man for Jericho Squad. She can cast a blood ward and a fire ward to keep enemies at bay. Raised by snake handling fundamentalists in rural Tennessee and haunted by a terrible past, Church became somewhat introverted, taking up training in stealthy arts. Now skilled in ninjutsu, she serves Jericho as a scout and assassin. She carries a rapid-fire sub machine pistol with a 30-round magazine (Kenjuu) and a legendary Katana, which is lethal at close range (Nodachi).

Corporal Simone Cole

can summon ammo and stop time for short periods.

The daughter of two Silicon Valley programmers, Cpl. Simone Cole is a genius and "reality hacker". Her vast intellect allows her to manipulate space and time using advanced mathematical principles, using this to maintain communications, scan areas for temporal distortions, and generally keep the team in touch and aware of their general surroundings, though her techno-babble often confuses them. Her time manipulation powers (by way of a wrist-mounted supercomputer) are used to explain the in-game checkpoint system, as well as explain how the team keeps their ammunition supplies high (she "rewinds" time in their ammo belts back to the point when they were full). She has mild autism (possibly Asperger syndrome) and is an atheist despite knowing for a fact that the Firstborn, and therefore God, exist. She hates being touched, and suffers from claustrophobia and nyctophobia. Her weapon of choice is an XM8 Compact Carbine.

Father Paul Rawlings

Too old for this shit guy. A cool priest, he can exorcise monsters and heals teammates.

A preacher with a troubled past and twin Desert Eagles complete with extended 15 round magazines. Serving as a chaplain in the military, he knows a great deal of history of the Jericho Squad and the hidden nature of their mission. He can heal members of the squad from great distances using Ghost Heal and can drain enemies health and distribute it among the squad by summoning Vlad's Curse. He is the oldest active member of the squad, and he is a veteran of war from his experiences in Iraq and Vietnam. He has a strong personality and sometimes assumes command briefly when it is clear he has more knowledge of the situation than Ross. His personality sometimes leads to him clashing with other members of the squad, particularly the hot-tempered Delgado.


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