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by Coulis

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Original Thread: Call it Against My Better Judgement, Let's Play Clock Tower 2



Wikipedia posted:

Clock Tower Ghost Head, known in the US as Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within, is a survival horror created by Human Entertainment, published by Agetec, and released for the PlayStation in 1998. It is a spin-off to the Clock Tower series and has almost nothing to do with the previous games besides its gameplay.

When I was a kid, Europeans usually imported Playstation Jrpg from USA or Japan, like Xenogears or Chrono Cross. Unfortunately, Persona 2 was a bit too expensive for my wallet and the Ghost Head copy only cost 150 Francs. So I bought it.

And then my problems began...

Ghost Head is bad. It takes the gameplay of the previous clock tower but manages to be clunkier & uglier than the first PSX episode. Since I can't continue the disaster LP for now, I guess this is an apology, sort of...
The story is pretty simple, you play as a Japanese young girl threatened by terrible demons. Fortunately, she possesses a split personality: Mr. Bates, a psychopath. The kind of guy you want in a survival-horror. Note that it has no link whatsoever with the rest of the series.
It's a voiced LP with the usual suspect Psycho Serum. The game possesses many endings and I'll try to show a good chunk of them. Since the game is quite chaotic in its progression, I'll probably divide episodes in two parts, the right way and the wrong way.


01 - Apologies to Yasujiro OzuViddler
02 - BAD GAME CURSE (endings K & M)Viddler
03 - Fire safety policy (endings L,J & I)Viddler
04 - Hospital FrenzyViddler
05 - No Sanity Left (Endings H & F)Viddler
06 - Still bad at video games (Endings E & D) Viddler
07 - Final(Endings C, B & A) Viddler
Ending GYouTube  

Plot Summary

If like us, you didn't understand anything Toffile made a nice plot summary:

Toffile posted:

The stuff on Wikipedia isn't made up apparently.

When you see all 13 endings in the game, the game unlocks supplementary files to explain the story.

Basically how it goes was that 18 years or so before the game, Allen Hale and his wife divorce. The wife takes custody of Shannon and then dies a year or so later. Shannon grows up without parents and hates Alyssa for taking her place.

In the mean time, Maxwell and his wife conceive a daughter and apparently according to the ancient Maxwell family traditions, she's cursed and will bring ruin to the family.

So they bury the baby alive. Somehow Hale and Tate get wind of this, they want to bring down Maxwell, and decide to rob the cradle/grave of the still alive baby. Hale eventually adopts her and decides that he's just going to ruin Maxwell by giving him a statue covered in crazy juice.

Now somehow the crazy juice is related to the zombies and their parasites and somehow but this isn't this isn't really explained and my eyes are already starting to bleed, so lets move on.

Then Maxwell wanders around a lab killing people or is locked up or something lets just ignore this giant plot hole. Also somehow he decides that "gee it would be a great idea to turn people into zombies"

Hale wants to shut up Tate about what happened to Maxwell. So he gives Tate the statue and tells him if he opens his mouth it'll be the Maxwell curse on him and his family. Statue is still covered in flagons of insanity venom. He sticks in a closet, where its undiscovered for years until just before the game's start or something.

For the record the actual Maxwell curse is Bates manifestation in Alyssa. Everything else is basically nonsense Tate made up.

So then one day just before Alyssa shows up, Maxwell escapes wherever the fuck we was, decides "it'd be a great day for zombie apocolypse" injects Ashley Tate with the virus somewhere in town and hides in the pharmaceutical lab.

Ashley heads home, scares her sister Stephanie into a closet where she discovers the crazy juice statue, goes crazy, and attacks her brother Michael, who climbs into the samurai armor only to discover that the interior of it has zombie parasites in it and turns into a zombie. Ashley gets killed and dismembered by Philip Tate.

Then Alyssa shows up and still nothing ever makes any sense.

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