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by Mr. Sunabouzu

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Original Thread: It's a Let's Play double feature! (Clock Tower/Dear Esther)


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What's going on here?

Hi there! I'm Mr. Sunabouzu and in this thread we're going to be playing an old PSX game called Clock Tower and a Half-Life 2 mod called Dear Esther! You can find more info on each game below!

How are the videos set up?

Both games are going to be subtitled. Clock Tower will be me explaining game mechanics, but Dear Esther is going to be actual subtitles of the games' narritive.

Double Feature? These games have nothing in common.

No they don't. Dear Esther is very short though, and not many people can stomach to play it because of it's faults. Dear Esther is more of a bonus feature, the emphasis is on Clock Tower. Besides, i've got a fun contest planned in regards to this.

Wikipedia's Summary:
Clock Tower is a survival horror video game series created by Human Entertainment and continued by Sunsoft. The series plays like a horror film and unlike other survival horrors, the Clock Tower series does not focus on shooting creatures or using violence, but rather using the player's surroundings to hide and escape while solving puzzles and following the twisting storyline. The main character is usually quite helpless compared to the villains, so the main emotional connection to the game is the fear of being captured or discovered.

How are you going to play this?

There are so many endings in Clock Tower, it's around 12. There are also 2 different characters you can play as! It has a surprising amount of depth to it! I'm going to play the game once as Helen. Helen and Jennifer's playthroughs are largely the same, so i'm just going to show one off.

Table of Contents:

Clock Tower:

1. Prologue: Blip | Viddler
2. Scenario 1 : Blip | Viddler
3. Scenario 2 : Blip | Viddler
4a. Scenario 3 : Blip | Viddler
4b. Scenario 3 : Blip | Viddler
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