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Part 3: Colony Wars Episode 3 - Draco System Part 1

RangerKarl posted:

Just saw Ep 2. Props for Freespace intermission music.

Been listening to it a lot. Seemed fitting after a while. Anyway, it's time for the game to get started. By entering the second phase of the war, we start getting some real missions and enemies to take on!

Update 03 - Counter-attack in Draco

Colony Wars Episode 3 - Draco System Part 1

The League parries the raids by the Navy in Gallonigher and its forces, after a successful series of operations against the Gallonigher battle platform, secure their home system. With the Navy regrouping, the League launches a counter-attack straight into the Draco System, an industrial system supplying the Navy with a vast amount of resources. If the system falls to the League, the Navy's grip on the colony worlds would be crippled and the League could close in on Sol. But first, they have to take Draco.

In the first video of the Locum route, the League enters Draco and uses the element of surprise to its advantage. But for the sake of the route, it will be assumed that the Navy learns of its enemy's advance and hits back hard. The League attempts to recoup its losses and recover. If it can do so, it has one last chance of securing Draco, but in this case, it has no choice but to cut its losses and head to Alpha-Centauri, the site of the first conflicts, which will be the location of the next two videos!

I feel it bears mentioning again, but as said in the video, Missions 1, 3, and 5 are the missions taken in each act if no failures are sustained. Missions 2 and 4 are fail states, but only Missions 4 and 5 matter for determining the next phase of the war. In several cases, failure leads to much harder missions, which is ironic because the missions you need to fail are quite easy to breeze through and require effort to fail!

But you get the idea

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