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Part 13: Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 4 - Cronus System Part 2

Update 13 - The Widowmaker's Ploy

Colony Wars Vengeance Episode 4 - Cronus System Part 2
Colony Wars Vengeance - Fail Reel #2
If you can't hold your ground against the Widowmaker, the Navy fights a battle of attrition in Cronus. Their plans go awry when a battleship is disabled in the attack on a League installation and they are forced to fight desperately in defense of their resources and hunt for enemy secrets, all while being hampered by the League's enigmatic Ace.

Spoiler for when you see the ending.
In this path, the Navy teeters on the edge as an unforeseen ambush takes place. The designs of this bait and switch are unknown, but if it succeeded, then somehow, the Widowmaker would get close to Kron and eliminate him, thus cutting the head off the Navy and destroying them outright. All told, he is either killed by Mertens, or vanishes entirely. Likely, if Mertens is not the one to do the deed, he is killed by another Navy force, perhaps even Becks who is ostensibly able to stand toe-to-toe with him.

As for the ending, it makes no sense unless you take the time to read into the missions and the debriefs. I feel like I'm reaching hard when I say I justified it or figure it out, but it makes the most sense. Either the Navy flounders too much and can't make any headway in Cronus, or the ambush succeeds, these three scenarios allowing the Widowmaker and his entourage to close in on Kron and kill him out of nowhere. It goes to show there is this real sense of confusion. Nobody knew that kind of attack was going to take place, and not a soul suspected it was even possible. The Navy is in serious danger of imminent defeat wherever it goes, and a good 80% of the time it doesn't even occur to them. Not even the League faced this kind of venture into the unknown.

Seriously, fuck the intelligence division.

As for the Widowmaker, I don't even know. If the fight is a reference to something I don't know what. It's doubly underwhelming because nobody really acknowledges the strange shit that is going on or is going to start happening at the next video.


The second largest ship in a fleet in the previous Colony War, the destroyer lives on as the spearhead for all major assaults and exploratory actions. Better equipped and boasting the improvements in technology of the current year, they are fielded to break the lines wherever necessary.


At the cutting edge of technology, the Dreadnought is still a fearsome fleet craft more than capable of standing against multiple smaller battleships. Although they are fielded infrequently and rarely appear in an area of operations, their appearance must be met with all possible offensive response.

The League Dreadnought looks pretty damn cool in this game with that axe-head motif there.