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Part 8: Nod Mission 08

NOD Mission 08
NOD Mission 08

Population: 39,084,000
Expendability: 72%
Capital: Kinshasa
Government: Republic
Govt Corruptability: 74%
Net Worth: $6.6 Billion
Point of Conflict: Lodja
Military Strength: Reasonable
Military Resistance: 54%

We must capture a GDI outpost and use it to destroy a nearby GDI base.

Location: Lodja, Zaire
Objective: Capture a local GDI outpost and use it to destroy a second, larger GDI base.

Briefing: Since we are low on troops, you will have to make use of all available resources. Located the abandoned GDI base in the area and restore it to operational status. Once that is done, use GDI's own weapons against them. Be sure that no GDI forces remain alive.

Author's note: Congratulations everyone, we've been promoted!

Name: Seth
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Right Hand of Kane Corpse
Voiced/Played by: Eric Gooch

The so-called Right Hand of Kane, Seth is the liaison between low-ranking members and Kane. He has sent the Commander out on numerous missions, at the behest of Kane, and seemingly uses him to further increase his status in the Brotherhood of Nod. It appears that not all has gone according to plan, however, and now sees the Commander as a possible threat to his ambitions. Executed by Kane after he tried to usurp control of the Brotherhood.

Name: Kane
Aliases: Caine, Jacob; al-Quayym, Amir
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Leader of the Brotherhood of Nod
Voiced/Played by: Joseph D. Kucan

The leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, Kane is shrouded by mystery. No one knows much about him, and the mythos surrounding him tells of tales of alternate identities, immortality, or simply rumours and hearsay. Murdered Seth after he tried to usurp control of the Brotherhood of Nod.