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Part 14: NOD Map Dissection 01

Nod Map Dissection #01

It's hard for me to be able to really talk about these, mostly because while I understand some levels of coding, it has to be said that, without proper documentation, I'm sometimes left reaching for a proper explanation.

I'll try to keep these brief.

Nod Mission 01 scb01ea

The first NOD map is fairly basic. I believe the perimeter cliffs/mountains is for potential reinforcement spots where the gaps are located, but that's just a guess on my part.

Teamtypes are unit groups with specific actions. For example, nod1 is a reinforcement group consisting of 4 Minigunners (E1), and they are to move to waypoint 0 on the map when they are spawned.

Meanwhile, "gg" is a group of 3 GDI minigunners (E1) and they are coded to move to waypoint 6 when the player moves into the "gg" hex/cell on the map. After 40 time units, I believe seconds, they will attack the player's units.

The "Count" column is the amount of time that must pass before the event is triggered. For rnf1, that means 2 time units must pass before it is actioned.

According to another goon's LP (I need to remind myself to link his LP once we've cleared all the spoiler stuff), the LOOP and "Linked" entities work as follows: 1 = AND // 0 = OR

Are you picking this up? Good.

Let's see what the next two missions have in store for us::

Nod Mission 2B scb02eb

A simple mission where the player is tasked with eliminating the GDI base and forces on the map.

The map is quite different in starting positions, but still offers two entries into the GDI base.

The AI gets a fair number of different unit groups and actions for them to perform.

Checking buildings, the AI is set to hunt all enemy units if the Construction Yard, Barracks, and Refinery are all destroyed. This explains why the AI in my mission brought everything to bear, minus a few units that went for the base, if I recall correctly. That might've been a closer target for them.

Nod Mission 03B scb03eb

A mission where the player is tasked with capturing a prison.

This map changes radically on the right side, and has a lot more water.

Once again, GDI gets a bunch of different groups and is rather aggressive with them.

Hunt only activates when every building is destroyed, not counting the silos. Also, we get to see the win/lose condition for the prison.

Note the watch tower on the cliff edge. Not scouting that would make for a nasty surprise for any engineers trying to capture the prison.