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Part 16: NOD Map Dissection 03

Nod Map Dissection #03

Nod Mission 07A scb07ea

Aside from the shitty tiberium field locations, I like the look of this map.

GDI gets a lot of different teams, with the dual Medium Tank groups probably being the worst of the bunch to deal with, unless you invest in a bunch of rocket soldiers.

Destroying the comms center eliminates A-10 call-ins, makes sense. Every building aside from the watch towers and the silos have the hunt trigger... except the barracks. Was this an oversight?

E2's are grenadiers and E3's are rocket soldiers.

Destroying the village outside the GDI base is required, but the one in the bottom right can be ignored.

Nod Mission 07B scb07eb

Uses the same briefing as 07A

I'm conflicted on this map. I like the general look and movement throughout it but the Tiberium available looks annoying to deal with. Forcing the player to go through the GDI base to get to the civilians is an odd decision, imo.

GDI gets a lot of stuff once again.

Ok, so the AUTO trigger is tied to the Guard Towers. The map is strange in that, if the player moves into the atk triggers, it gives the GDI side some units, but if they move into the dely/delz zones, it kills the yyyy and zzzz triggers, respectively.

The win condition is killing the civilians, although it seems that only between 50% to 75% of them have that trigger applied to them.

Nod Mission 07C scb07ec

Nod Mission 08A scb08ea

The one I played in the LP

Nod Mission 08B scb08eb

No change in briefing

Nothing to really say about the map, other than its got better Tiberium field placement, and a blossom tree. Zoning out the AI for its income is easier.

Plenty of toys for GDI again

Oddly, the AI is set to not replace its helipads (Same applies to the A version).

Oh and see those two boats at the bottom of the map? Gotta kill those too!