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Part 17: NOD Map Dissection 04

Nod Map Dissection #04

Nod Mission 10A scb10ea

In this version of Mission 10, we are tasked with assassinating Wong Hu Chan. Presumably, his photo is used in the background during Kane's briefing.

Name: Dr. Wong Hu Chan
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Doctor
Voiced/Played by: Unknown

A Doctor currently leading the team developing the Ion Cannon for the Global Defense Initiative. Assassinated by Nod forces.

Author's note: Doctor Wong Hu Chan is never mentioned after this video, to my knowledge.

I actually really like the look of this map, and would've probably preferred getting this one as opposed to the Mammoth Tank production facility one of 10B fame.

There's a lot of civilian buildings and there's enough space between everybody to make the small skirmishes feel tense by the end of it, depending on how well you perform. Looking into it, it seems the AI gets $4000 to spend, and theoretically could produce a refinery, although there's not much to harvest anywhere.

Nothing too exciting. I imagine the Commando would do very well here.

If you're fast enough you could probably kill both those yyyy/zzzz triggers, but the only thing to be aware of is the trigger that spawns a chinook, and where it will land.

Nod Mission 10B scb10eb

There's a trigger in this one where if you move into the civilian village, a guy named Dwight is spawned. If you kill him, more civilians appear.

Nod Mission 11A scb11ea

No change in briefing

Did you think this was the level I played on?

Me too! It's not.

Lots of teams, but little to talk about.

Same as above. There is a trigger to give the GDI side a transport with 5 grenadiers to fly into the base and attack.

Nod Mission 11B scb11eb

You can't sneak into the right side of the GDI base because there's a trigger that sends troops to that side.

Nod Mission 13A scb13ea

GDI gets two transport helicopters dropping units in the top left. Still don't understand this one.

Nod Mission 13B scb13eb

No change in briefing.

This doesn't seem so bad.

4 is the waypoint where your 2nd MCV is to go. Killing the AGT, GT, and Comms Center south of 4 causes the MCV to spawn.

The comms center controls the A-10s.

Nod Mission 13C scb13ec

No change in briefing.

This one looks like a pain. 3 blossom trees and nothing to really start with in the top right.

The allies get a transport helicopter to the top left for... reasons.

Presumably you are to attack the top base first, then move your way down.

Destroying the Comms center in the middle left spawns an MCV, which moves to waypoint 13. There's no space to build a base and this looks like you'd be pulling teeth.