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by Jobbo_Fett

Part 19: GDI Mission 02

GDI Mission 02
GDI Mission 02

Population: 1,607,000
Geographic Area: 17,413 Square Miles
Capital: Tallinn
Government: Republic
Gross Domestic Product: Negligible
Point of Conflict: Parnu
Military Power: Local Militia

Author's note: It is very interesting to see how both factions differ. GDI looks at country size and their GDP, whereas NOD breaks things down to estimates on how expendable the population is, or how corrupt the government.

A briefing about Kane is cut short by a surprise attack against the beachhead we created last mission.

Location: Parnu, Estonia
Objective: Reinforce the beachhead and destroy the NOD presence in the area.

Briefing: Defend your position, deploy the MCV, then build a sizable force to search out and destroy the Nod base in the area. All Nod units and structures must be either destroyed or captured to complete the objective.

Author's note: Same as the previous mission, build some extra minigunners and go to town on the Nod base.

Aliases: [REDACTED]
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Our boss, presumably
Voiced/Played by: Eric Martin

Name: Commander Carter
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Commander within the Global Defense Initiative
Voiced/Played by: Bill Collins

Author's note: I guess this guy is Commander Carter? Whatever, let's roll with it.