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Part 21: GDI Mission 04

GDI Mission 04
GDI Mission 04

Population: 38,385,000
Geographic Area: 120,727 Square Miles
Capital: Warsaw
Government: Democratic State
Gross Domestic Product: $162.7 Billion
Point of Conflict: Gdansk
Military Power: Free Standing Army

Author's note: Oh, so Poland gets a rating because they make a lot of money, and they also have a Free Standing Army unlike Estonia and Latvia? Something's fishy about this!

We are shown a map of current (in the GDI campaign) allegiances, and a robot tells us a little bit about Kane. We get to see yet another video (a repeat) on tiberium, its composition, and how it works.

Our "boss" is away on some diplomatic or public relations duty, but some activated pellet rods have been stolen by "the naughty camp" and we can't wait for official channels. Oh, and I guess our boss is Sheppard? Thanks, Morelli! (This is Colonel Morelli, right?!)

Location: Gdansk, Poland
Objective: Infiltrate a NOD outpost and retrieve the stolen nuclear material before it is transferred to a different location.

Briefing: Nod has captured classified GDI property. You must find and retrieve the stolen equipment. It is being transported in a shipping crate. Use the new APC to strategically transport infantry through Nod forces.

Author's note: Took me like... 4 viewings of the FMV to realise Morelli(?) is giving us a thumbs up.

Name: Colonel Morelli(?)
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Air Support Commander (UNCONFIRMED)
Voiced/Played by: N/A

Author's note: It is assumed that this is Colonel Morelli, although she isn't wearing anything that would confirm this. She does reveal that Sheppard is our boss, however.

COST: 700
The Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) transports and protects up to five troops heading to and from battle locations. Its heavy armor, fast speed, and long sight range make it an ideal scouting unit. It is also useful for crushing infantry.

Author's note: It's also incredibly useful for throwing engineers into the enemy base and capturing everything while they watch in horror!

==================================DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE EPISODE==============================================

Greg Burdette reports on the destroyed village of Bialystok in Poland. Apparently, GDI "attacks" against churches and villages is a common issue, and Sheppard is being accused of using GDI to enforce a "One World Order", against the will of the people.

Turns out Kane is using Greg, or maybe Mr. Burdette is working with Kane, to influence public opinion against the Global Defense Initiative.

Name: Greg Burdette
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Unknown, possible NOD
Occupation: News Reporter
Voiced/Played by: Eric Randall

Greg Burdette is, or was, a News Reporter for WWN. Currently working with, or for, Kane in spreading disinformation about GDI.