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Part 26: GDI Mission 09

GDI Mission 09
GDI Mission 09

Population: 10,333,000
Geographic Area: 35,919 Square Miles
Capital: Budapest
Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Gross Domestic Product: $60.1 Billion
Point of Conflict: Budapest
Military Power: National Guard

Carter looks to be in a really bad way. Is this the Tiberium poisoning he spoke of before? Well... with no apparent vaccine or cure, Carter, delirious or not, wants to remove another Nod base from the map.

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Objective: Help Commander Carter eliminate the Nod base in the area.

Briefing: Take out Nod turrets along the shore so Gunboats can move in safely on the Nod base. The Nod base must be destroyed. If gunboats can get in, they should be able to destroy the base with no difficulty. Keep an eye out for the new weapon Nod is rumored to be working on.

Author's note: Is there a reason why a visibly ill Carter is still in command? Has anyone notified Sheppard of this, or is he still busy with his "meetings"?

Name: Commander Carter
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Commander within the Global Defense Initiative
Voiced/Played by: Bill Collins

Its unknown if Commander Carter is of an equal rank as the GDI Commander, nor if he's Navy, Army, or something else. Regardless, he and the GDI Commander have worked together on numerous occasions, to good effect. Is believed to be the originator of the "the naughties" [Sometimes said "Noddies"] term. Has recently come down with Tiberium poisoning, yet has chosen to remain in command.

Author's note: It seems odd that Carter would choose to remain in command, and I can't help but wonder if all of his men are affected, or if no one can/wishes to intervene.