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Part 31: GDI Mission 14

GDI Mission 14
GDI Mission 14

Population: 10,337,000
Geographic Area: 39,449 Square Miles
Capital: Belgrade
Government: Republic
Gross Domestic Product: $120.1 Billion
Point of Conflict: Belgrade
Military Power: Free Standing Army

Location: Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Objective: Close the pocket and eliminate the trapped NOD units before they reach friendly lines.

Briefing: We have learned the path of evacuating Nod forces. They are moving through this valley. Cut them off so that they can't rejoin the main force. Attack and destroy all the vehicles in the Nod convoy.

Author's note: Despite being in the same country as the last map, nothing has changed with the country's information. Also, this mission is deceptively short, minus the odd cloaked unit that hides somewhere in the map.

Name: Brigadier General Sheppard
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Supreme Commander of GDI
Voiced/Played by: Eric Martin

Stoic, and seemingly unemotional, Sheppard is the upper echelon of GDI command. He's also the first to come under fire by the media, and spends considerable time at press events and in meetings with political and military leaders.

Author's note: Now that the campaign is wrapping up, Sheppard is reminded that he needs to add some emotion to his character.