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Part 34: GDI Map Dissection 02

GDI Map Dissection #02

GDI Mission 06 scg06ea

Those two light tanks on the right are dumb. DUMB I SAY!

GDI Mission 07 scg07ea

Over the span of like... a day, a Tiberium field has sprouted in two new locations.

GDI Mission 08A scg08ea

The last alternate briefing for GDI, everything after Mission 08 uses the same video. Not a bad map whatsoever, as long as you strike quickly.

GDI Mission 08B scg08eb

You have to protect the civilian population in the bottom right. From what I can tell looking at triggers, you really only need to keep the Hospital and Dr. Mobius alive.

Attacking the left base first seems like the smartest decision. Regardless of what base you attack, the same site problem™ will rear its ugly head up again.

GDI Mission 09 scg09ea

Two interesting things:

-The boat(s) that Carter is on or attacks with only spawn if you destroy the Turrets or move into the "BOT" cells, so I guess technically you could save him? He'd probably die of Tiberium poisoning anyways
-The SAM Site in the top left is a dick move because if you don't spot it then you have to scour the map at the end cause you need to destroy everything.

GDI Mission 10A scg10ea

Definitely a map that is useful to explore at least once with before playing seriously. I wonder how dumb of an idea it would be to throw all your forces south and build right outside the NOD base and sandbag them immediately... The Tiberium field just north of the walls is useless.

GDI Mission 10B scg10eb

But its better than the starting fields here, holy shit.