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Part 51: Covert Ops Map Dissection 04

Covert Ops Map Dissection #04

Cloak and Dagger scb25ea

Its been said before, this map is nice with a good amount of flavor strewn about.

No clue which unit is supposed to be beavis

"YYYY" is the MCV, and the Stealth tank is "XXXX". Once you get near the MCV, the Stealth Tank no longer becomes a lose condition, and when the MCV deploys, it too loses that trigger.

Hostile Takeover scb26ea

Aside from the awkward start, requiring you sell a Comms center for money to get an engineer, this map is nice.

Note the A-10s. Also, the Transport helicopters all come from off-map, I believe.

The AI doesn't start with, and I assume never builds, a Comms center. That's why we didn't see any.

Under Siege: C&C scb27ea

Small, straight-forward map.

Looks like the AI gets some tanks, as they would eventually run out of Mammoth tanks otherwise

So the AI has a delay before it starts to produce stuff, and a delay until it pumps out Medium tanks.

NOD Death Squad scb28ea

A nice way to end a series of missions, although it is a little disappointing to see how empty the bottom-right portion is.

The MRLS' are set to move from the War Factory to the sandbags.

If the MRLS' are killed? All set to Hunt.

If the player takes the money crates? All set to Hunt.

I'll do the GDI missions eventually.

Edit: I wouldn't be surprised if the Under Siege level had ": C&C" added to it because of some fear of getting sued by Steven Segal. Because that scenario is hilarious to me.