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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn

by Jobbo_Fett

Part 62: PAT SUX

That One Mission That Literally SUX

This is the map for the mission PATSUX. Yeah, its actually called that.

The briefing is as follows:


You have just been laid off without a month's pay from Weirdis. Your former bosses have hired the Frankekiiii mercenaries to protect them. You and eleven other former employees are to build a base and wipe them out!

We have made special modifications to your Orcas to aid you in your quest for justice.

Neither WIKI I use for more information has a page on PATSUX. Suffice to say, it seems that "PAT" didn't pay some of his staff and that "SUX". I did a very limited google search and I couldn't find anything hits on "WEIRDIS", although it could be a deliberate misspelling of "Eidos" Someone get Guru Larry on the case.

Oh, and I think the Orcas shoot Obelisk lasers, at a slow rate. I could be miss-remembering, but this map is boring and tedious and I don't care for it one bit.

Is there any reason to ever play it? Nope, but it exists, and now you're also cursed with this knowledge.