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Part 26: NOD 08: Capture Umagon

NOD 08: Capture Umagon

With control of the Crash Site, NOD forces scour the ship for the Tacitus. Unfortunately for the Brotherhood, it seems that the Forgotten are in the area as well, and it is surmised that they have taken the Tacitus. It is up to Slavik and his forces to retrieve it, using any means available. Using extrapolated data, it is discovered that Umagon was at the crash site, and an effort is being launched in order to capture her.

While it is definitely East of Phoenix, Arizona, its hard to pin down an exact location. My best guess is somewhere near Safford.

Location: Near Safford, Arizona
Objective: Capture the medical colony before Umagon can escape.

Briefing: You must reach the medical colony in the region without being prematurely detected by GDI and forcing a base evacuation. To prevent this, consider first destroying the three sensor towers protecting the base. Our new artillery unit should be sufficient for the job. Once inside the base, the capture of the mutant female should be easy.

Author's note: I think something messed up with the triggers at the end of this mission, although I can't tell for certain what did it. I tended to play the opposite mission.

Name: Anton Slavik
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Faction Leader within the Brotherhood of NOD [Unverified]
Voiced/Played by: Frank Zagarino

Rescued from certain death by Oxanna and a handful of trusted troops, he immediately murders the traitor responsible upon return to his command vehicle. Along with CABAL, he sets out to defend his holding(s) in Egypt from Hassan's forces. Kills Hassan the Betrayer. Is forced to bail out Vega at the behest of Kane, if only because the ship he was flying contains the Tacitus.

Name: Kane
Aliases: Caine, Jacob; al-Quayym, Amir
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Leader of the Brotherhood of NOD
Voiced/Played by: Joseph David Kucan

First seen since his so-called demise, Kane appears in front of members of the Black Hand, taunts Hassan and informs him about the Messiah's abilities.

Name: Lt. Oxanna Christos
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: 2IC to Slavik
Voiced/Played by: Monika Schnarre

News anchor/reporter and second-in-command to Slavik. Helped rescue Slavik during his public execution turned breakout. Helps Anton Slavik's rise to power by helping to control the media of the brotherhood.

Name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Pilot
Voiced/Played by: Alain Benetar

Pilot of Slavik's command vehicle.

Name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Scientist [DECEASED]
Voiced/Played by: Sidney Liufau

NOD Scientist assigned to the Alien Ship Crash Site, and tasked with retrieving the Tacitus. Killed in Action by the mutant Umagon.

Name: Umagon
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: The Forgotten
Occupation: Unknown
Voiced/Played by: Christine Steel

An apparent stowaway on the alien UFO, Umagon met face-to-face with Commander McNeil. Little is known about her, officially or otherwise.

Attack Cycle
RANGE: Medium
ARMOR: Light

Primarily used as a scouting unit, the Attack Cycle is Nod’s fastest ground unit. Although it trades armour for speed, the Cycle is capable of sustaining moderate damage before being destroyed. It carries twin rocket launchers capable of hitting both air and ground units.

Author's Note: Despite the unit's description, the rules.ini file states it cannot fire at air units without gaining its first veterancy, itself a rather daunting task. It technically has the "Wood" armor, which is terrible for a vehicle.

RANGE: Extreme
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: 155mm Howitzer

Realising they needed a way to deliver damage without fear of retaliation, Nod developed a new long-range artillery platform. Because of the recoil involved, the unit is unable to fire while undeployed and cannot move while deployed. To deploy the
unit, select it, then left-click on it. To un-deploy the unit, select the deployed unit, then left-click on it again.

Author's Note: One of the best units in the game, costing less than 200 more than a Titan, while packing devastating firepower. Incredibly powerful in groups, and guaranteed to hit anything it shoots at. The only two drawbacks it has are a lack of Anti-Air and that it has a minimum range.