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Part 28: NOD 10: Escort the Bio-Toxin Trucks

NOD 10: Escort the Bio-Toxin Trucks
Escort the Bio-Toxin Trucks

With GDI forces distracted, and public trust in the group waning, Kane and the Brotherhood use this to their advantage by secreting away several bio-toxin trucks. It is imperative that those trucks survive.

Looks to be somewhere west of Fort Worth, Texas, although pinpointing a location is difficult.

Location: West of Fort Worth, Texas.
Objective: Locate, and Escort the Bio-Toxin trucks past the GDI Checkpoint.

Briefing: Nod forces were recently forced out of this area. However, spies report that the Nod bio-toxin facility has not yet been destroyed by GDI troops. The Cyborg Commando and his team should be able to slip through the main GDI force and
recover two tankers full of bio-toxin - provided we act quickly.

Author's note: A nice, short, simple map... provided you don't "explore" for a bit. It's the first appearance on the Cyborg Commando, one of the best units in the game.

Name: Anton Slavik
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Faction Leader within the Brotherhood of NOD [Unverified]
Voiced/Played by: Frank Zagarino

Rescued from certain death by Oxanna and a handful of trusted troops, he immediately murders the traitor responsible upon return to his command vehicle. Along with CABAL, he sets out to defend his holding(s) in Egypt from Hassan's forces. Kills Hassan the Betrayer. Is forced to bail out Vega at the behest of Kane, if only because the ship he was flying contains the Tacitus.

Name: Kane
Aliases: Caine, Jacob; al-Quayym, Amir
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Leader of the Brotherhood of NOD
Voiced/Played by: Joseph David Kucan

First seen since his so-called demise, Kane appears in front of members of the Black Hand, taunts Hassan and informs him about the Messiah's abilities.

Name: Lt. Oxanna Christos
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: 2IC to Slavik
Voiced/Played by: Monika Schnarre

News anchor/reporter and second-in-command to Slavik. Helped rescue Slavik during his public execution turned breakout. Helps Anton Slavik's rise to power by helping to control the media of the brotherhood.

Name: General Solomon
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: Supreme Commander of GDI
Voiced/Played by: James Earl Jones

The Supreme Commander of GDI, he oversees GDIs actions from the GDI Space Station Philadelphia. Gen. Solomon was taken aback by the return of Kane, but quickly called for one of his more promising commanders, Michael McNeil. Tasks Com. McNeil with destroying the NOD forces responsible for the attack on Phoenix Base. Believes the Brotherhood of NOD is attempting to steal GDI technology. Disapproves of McNeil's methods, despite the results he gets. Appears to be working with certain members of the Brotherhood of NOD, either to keep them in check, or for other purposes.

Cyborg Commando
RANGE: Medium
ARMOR: Heavy
WEAPON: Cyborg cannon

Those cyborgs that perform well are further modified and promoted to the Nod Cyborg Commando ranks. Packing enough firepower to take out entire bases, the Cyborg Commando is a large threat on the battlefield. Armed with a chain gun and flame-thrower, the Commando can make quick work of vehicles, infantry and structures.

Author's Note: Awesome. The Cyborg Commando is fantastic and great at most roles; the only major downside is that, much like his regular cousins, he cannot regain legs if they are blown out from under him. Still amazing though.