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Part 29: NOD 11: Destroy GDI Research Facility

NOD 11: Destroy GDI Research Facility
Destroy GDI Research Facility

Now that NOD has gained the Forgotten's trust, it is time to use them to help destroy a GDI research facility that is rumoured to be producing an antidote to Tiberium poisoning. Even if they are only rumours, any setbacks we can cause will only serve to help the Brotherhood.

Hard to tell, what with the way the map looks, but I'd say somewhere North East or Corpus Christi

Location: North East of Corpus Christi, Texas.
Objective: Locate and Destroy the GDI research facility

Briefing: The research facility in this sector must be destroyed before the GDI scientists perfect their Tiberium reduction technology. If Nod forces are to establish a base in the area, the GDI patrols must be eliminated. The mutants may prove to be useful allies.

Author's note: Really like the developing story with the Forgotten and the theming. I do wish that there wasn't a limit on the special weapon though...


Advanced Power Plant
ARMOR: Light
COST: 500
PURPOSE: Supplies power to the NOD base.

The Advanced Power Plant functions exactly like a regular Power Plant in that it generates power and supplies it to a base. However, due to its greater size and efficiency, an Advanced Power Plant generates twice as much power as a regular power plant.

Author's Note: Costs as much as a fully equipped GDI power plant, and taking up 2 more cells, its worth getting these as soon as you can.

ARMOR: Light
COST: 500
PURPOSE: Defensive AA emplacement for the Brotherhood of NOD

The Surface to Air Missile site, or SAM site, is the primary defence against enemy aircraft. It can only be used against flying units.

Author's Note: Extremely similar to the GDI AA turret, it doesn't require using up your building queue twice, however.

RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: Vulcan Cannon

Excellent against infantry and lightly armoured vehicles, the Harpy is newest generation of combat helicopters. Like all flying units, the Harpy must return to a helipad in order to reload its weapons.

Author's Note: Probably one of my least-used units in the game, and I'm not sure why. I think it may be a lack of punch, or just that I never really experimented with it as a kid. It can kill a Vulcan Turret, unaided, in one salvo, provided it isn't repaired.

Subterranean APC
ARMOR: Heavy

The Subterranean APC is capable of carrying up to five units underground to a target. When underground the subterranean APC is invisible to the enemy but can be detected by a GDI Deployable Sensor Array. The APC cannot surface from under certain terrain types, such as rough terrain, water, etc.

Author's Note: An amazing vehicle and piece of utility for the NOD side, the only way it loses out in comparison to the Amphib APC is that it is slower at all times if it must travel on the surface.

Devil's Tongue
RANGE: Short/Medium
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: Flamethrower

Terror is a formidable weapon and the sheer sight of this nightmarish unit is enough to cause GDI troops to tremble. Capable of burrowing through all but the hardest of substances, the Devil’s Tongue can unleash deadly jets of flame on unsuspecting targets with impunity. The flame is especially effective against infantry and structures although prolonged exposure to its blasts can melt even steel.

Author's Note: Yet another vehicle I never really took advantage of, we've seen the AI use them well to harass a base, destroy power plants, and force your opponent to build vehicles/air units to counter them.

Mobile Repair Vehicle
RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Light
WEAPON: Repair Arm

This robotic vehicle is capable of repairing damaged vehicles on the battlefield. The repair bot features an extendable arm which houses all of the tools needed to repair a vehicle to battle readiness. Placing this unit in guard mode will enable it to
automatically repair any units in its immediate vicinity.

Author's Note: Very strange to see this on the NOD side, but thematically I can see why, because NOD places more importance on mobile units rather than elaborate bases. Hard to use efficiently, but nice to have.

Missile Silo
ARMOR: Light
COST: 1000
PURPOSE: Allows the deployment of Multi Missiles.

The Missile Silo allows Nod to launch long range weapons at an enemy, specifically a cluster missile or [REDACTED].

Author's Note: Fun Fact, the manual mixed up the Missile Silo's icon with a different NOD building. Whoops! Anyways, the silo unlocks tech and is necessary for the Multi Missile.

Obelisk of Light
ARMOR: Light
COST: 1500
PURPOSE: Defensive structure for the Brotherhood of NOD

The Obelisk of Light is a frighteningly powerful weapon. It has undergone significant improvement since it was last seen on the battlefield. Power output has been increased and few units can survive a single hit from an obelisk laser bolt.

Author's Note: The ultimate weapon in base defence, it strikes a perfect balance between aesthetic, propaganda value, and damage. It may be slightly outclassed by the RPG turret, but who cares when a defensive structure looks so damn cool?!