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Part 42: FS GDI 07: The Cyborgs are Coming

FS GDI 07: The Cyborgs are Coming
The Cyborgs are Coming

We've been tricked once more! CABAL's core was not located after we rescued Dr. Boudreau and destroyed his base. Radio traffic appears to indicate that he has a processing facility in Norway, near the city of Trondheim. In order to locate CABAL's mainframe, it is imperative we destroy that processing facility. The destruction of this center will also harm their combat effectiveness in this area, and potentially all of CABAL's future plans.

According to the briefing, we are fighting in the city of Trondheim, Norway.

Location: Trondheim, Norway
Objective: Establish a base and destroy CABAL’s forces.

Briefing: We have lost communication with our base outside of Trondheim. Scout the area and determine the cause of this interruption. We have no tactical data on CABAL's forces in that area and we need information. END TRANSMISSION.

Author's note: A hard slog, I would've appreciated this level more if the AI hunted you near the end. I feel that the Reaper really should've been introduced here instead of the last mission.