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Part 47: FS NOD 03: Tratos’ Final Act

FS NOD 03: Tratos’ Final Act
Tratos’ Final Act

With GDI forces in disarray thanks to the introduction of the Tiberium Floater and coordinated attacks by NOD forces elsewhere, CABAL thinks it is time to finally be rid of the mutant Tratos. He has far too much knowledge of the Tacitus and of Tiberium. If the Brotherhood is to ensure that GDI will not be able to foil our plans at creating a planet teeming with Tiberium, he must be eliminated.


Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Assassinate Tratos

Briefing: While GDI forces have been diverted to defend civilians, you are to lead an elite strike force to assassinate the mutant leader Tratos. Our new limpet mines will help you locate Tratos within his fortified base. Once located you must devise a way to reach him. GDI will have considerable protection for Tratos as he is their last hope at countering the Tiberium onslaught. Destroying their power supply should neutralize the firestorm defense system, and an effective air strike should deal with the sensor arrays. Do not fail: this mission is integral to the future of the Brotherhood of Nod. DATA LINK CLOSED.

Author's note: I like the setup, but I feel like the execution at the end with the MSA's is too counter-intuitive, maybe give NOD some Carry-Alls to bring in Artillery to destroy them?

Aliases: None
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Sentient Artificial Intelligence
Voiced/Played by: Milton James

Artificial Intelligence developed by the Brotherhood of NOD using GDI's EVA as a starting point after NOD managed to "capture" GDI's AI in the first Tiberium War. After the partial dissolution of the Brotherhood following the end of the Tiberian Sun campaign, CABAL gained further sentience and began his own quest for world domination.

Name: Tratos
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: The Forgotten
Occupation: Leader of the Forgotten
Voiced/Played by: Patrick Bauchau

Leader of the Forgotten, he has visions of the future, called Pentosi. Translated the Tacitus for Kane, putting the entire world in danger. It is rumored that he did this for a single box of twinkies, a long-forgotten snack enjoyed by all. Survived the 2nd Tiberian Wars and is currently aiding GDI in their attempts to find a cure for Tiberium poisoning.

Author's Note: Tratos' actor changed between Firestorm and the TS campaign.

Limpet Drone
RANGE: Short

The Limpet Drone was developed as an optional method of detecting Nod bases blanketed with a stealth generation field, and has been used by our covert operations teams. When deployed, the drone buries itself and waits for any passing vehicle before it attaches itself to the underside of that unit. The device requires a mass larger than a man before it activates. The drone has two effects: first, it interferes with the electrical system of the vehicle slowing it down to a crawl. Second, it contains a highly sophisticated sensor/camera device that reveals terrain and relays the recon data back to the radar facility. You will see what the “limped” unit sees. The drone attaches itself by spot-welding, so it can only be removed using an automated repair bay or the equivalent. It is rumored that Nod has also procured this technology for its own use.

Author's Note: Largely useless, I have never seen a purpose other than if you play with "Regenerating Fog of War"...